*UPDATED* GTA Online Summer Update COUNTDOWN: Release date CONFIRMED, new co-op missions, open wheel races, vehicles & more

The announcement has fans super excited for what’s to come, but what can we expect this time around?

by Ramzi Musa
GTA Online Update countdown

The first of two major GTA Online updates finally has a release date. We now know when the Summer Update is coming!

What does Rockstar have in store for us? Find out below!


GTA Online Summer Update Release Date

Red Dead Online’s summer update arrived in place of the weekly update, but GTA Online’s one has it’s own day.

gta online parachuting 3x payout 18 june patch
DROP ZONE: Gamers are keen to know when the summer update will drop

Rockstar will bring the Summer Update to players on 11 August.

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Like most Rockstar updates, you can expect it to land first thing in the morning, so get ready!


There will be a lot of new content for players to get to grips with!

gta online weekly update special vehicle races double payout
SOMETHING FOR EVERYONE: There’s a ton of variety on offer in the game

“Featuring everything from tense new co-op missions launched from your Super Yacht to the track-based thrills of new Open Wheel Races, to a fleet of new vehicles to acquire and much more, Summer in Los Santos has something for everyone.”

If that quote is anything to go by, it could be one of the best additions to GTA Online in its history.

New missions, battles, & rewards

Galaxy Super Yacht owners will be able to do a new series of missions either solo or with up to three others.

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Get your wetsuit on, as it promises to include deep-sea diving and “high-speed hi-jinks on the high seas” – sign us up!

Rockstar also mentions that new Business Battles in surprising locations with serious rewards will be coming. While the Diamond Casino & Resort will get a range of Adversary Modes.

New vehicles

Naturally, the Summer Update will bring a whole load of new vehicles to GTA Online.

gta summer update new cars
VROOM-VROOM: Get ready for more Open Wheel mayhem with this new car

“Auto websites will be flooded with more than a dozen new vehicles to purchase, including rides for Benny to customize, off-roaders, tunable sports cars and a pair of new Open Wheel beauties.

Push them to the limits in a series of new Open Wheel Races – or design your own street circuit with the new Open Wheel Race Creator.”

The promise of an Open Wheel Race Creator will see users able to recreate their favourite tracks from around the world in Los Santos!

Anything else?

Rockstar also promises “a number of general improvements and fixes” though without naming any specifics.

There are quite a few quality of life updates the GTA community is keen to see, will they be included? We’ll just have to wait and see!

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Ramzi Musa