How to Make Money in GTA Online - Treasure Hunt, Bounty Hunts and more!

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Starting out in GTA Online can be daunting and with no funds it is hard to get your footing as a new player.

However, there is a quick and relatively simple way for new players to rack up a decent chunk of change through treasure/scavenger hunts and the challenges they bring with them.

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In this article, I intend to show you how to make the most money to kickstart your GTA Online career.


Treasure hunt:

The treasure hunt was introduced with the Domesday Heist update as a teaser for Red Dead Redemption 2.

It is arguably one of the most challenging missions, leading the player around the map to obscure locations in search of clues.

 A few minutes after loading into freemode the player will receive an email from containing a black and white image of one of 20 locations within GTA Online, this signifies the start of the Treasure Hunt.

After receiving the email an area on the map will be highlighted showing the rough location of the clue.

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Get Looking! you will receive a picture like this at the start of the hunt


When investigating clues, a chiming sound can be heard as you get close, this is intended to lead you to the clue, however, it is by no means easy. Once the first location is discovered, three more locations will be highlighted on the player’s map where clues must be found in order to reveal the location of the treasure.

At the three locations, you will find a corpse wearing only his underwear who has sustained a severe head injury, an empty gun case by a tree on Joad Lane in Grapeseed and a bloody shovel within the crumbling frame of an old house on the beach in Sandy Shores. For each clue discovered there is a reward of $5000.

The revolver challenge:

When all three locations have been visited, the location of a treasure chest will appear on the player’s map, this chest will contain the double-action revolver which serves as a subtle nod to the release of Red Dead Redemption 2.

The player will then be challenged to get 50 headshots with the weapon at which point they will be rewarded a cool $250,000.

Maude’s bounty hunts:

This $250,000 is a good start but we can do better, players can also do bounty hunt missions for Maude.

Maude will send you details of scum who have skipped bail and task you with retrieving them, dead or alive (it is recommended you bring the targets back alive as this gives the highest reward).

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Hands where I can see 'em! you will need to capture bounty targets such as this one for Maude

There are 5 total targets for you to retrieve for Maude, each offering $10,000 for live targets and $5000 for ones that are killed offering a maximum payout $50,000.


After the last bounty is retrieved Maude will reward the player with the location of a stone hatchet, once the player achieves 25 kills with the stone hatchet they are rewarded another $250,000.

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This brings our total to $565,000.

The Los Santos Slasher:

We aren’t quite done profiting off of criminals’ downfall, the Los Santos Slasher is a serial killer living in Blaine County who was introduced with the Diamond Casino Heist update. 

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Watch your back, there's a killer on the loose!

There are five clues left behind by The Slasher that lead the player to him:

  • A clue written on the wall at Cherry Pie Farm
  • A severed hand located to the north-west of the sandy shores airfield
  • A machete covered in blood sticking out of the wall of a barn in Grapeseed
  • A door with a bloody handprint, located behind the Bayview Lodge in Paleto Forest
  • A black van with blood-soaked trash bags and machetes inside (this can spawn in five possible locations)

After finding all five clues, the player will receive a message from the slasher threatening them. The Slasher will spawn between 7 pm and 5 am and will try to kill the player, you should try to kill him before he kills you.

After killing The Slasher the player will receive $50,000 as well as a navy revolver, once the player has reached 50 kills with the revolver they will receive $200,000 bringing the total of their earnings to $815,000.