GTA Online Xbox Series X - Release Date, Features, Perks & more

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Rockstar Games officially announced its move to next gen consoles during the PS5 reveal event. After offering a short and sweet trailer for the PS5 event, Rockstar Games followed this up with a huge text announcement laying down the groundwork for future GTA content.

While next gen release for GTA V is big, perhaps the biggest part of the announcement is a standalone GTA Online game coming in 2021.

Let's look at what the GTA Online standalone will bring to Xbox Series X.

Release Date

GTA V Rockstar Games post Next Gen
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IT'S OFFICIAL- GTA Online is receiving a standalone game in 2021

The biggest piece of news we've gotten so far on the GTA Online standalone game for Xbox Series X is the release date window.

According to Rockstar Games, we'll see the GTA Online standalone in the second half of 2021.



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THIS IS A ROBBERY- Playstation players will be receiving $1m GTA Cash a month in the lead up to 2021 release, Xbox players aren't so lucky

Unfortunately for Xbox fans, it seems Playstation will be receiving almost all of the big goodies ahead of GTA V's next gen leap and GTA Online's standalone release.

Playstation players will be receiving many huge benefits in the lead up to and after release on PS5. This includes free access to the GTA Online standalone on PS5 for the first three months, and $1m in GTA Cash on GTA Online for PS4 players every month up to the 2021 release.

While Xbox players will be missing out on these perks, the next gen port of GTA V and GTA Online on Xbox Series X is still just as exciting.


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