GTA Leak: It's not GTA 6 - so what is it? Vice City, San Andreas Remastered, GTA UK?

The internet exploded with a new Grand Theft Auto leak, but one thing is clear from the Kotaku report: GTA 6 isn't mentioned anywhere.

The success of GTA V has been remarkable. Seven years on and it is still an excellent single-player game with an engaging story, while the online world has expanded beyond belief.

Any successor is going to have a tough time replicating its legacy.

But a new GTA game is on the way. The question is if it's not GTA 6, what is it?

Rockstar have rarely done direct sequels in their franchises, and GTA is no exception. So what could this next title be?

Return to Vice City

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A CLASSIC: There was nothing like Vice City

For many GTA players, Vice City is where it all began.

Released in 2002 on the PS2 & Xbox, it was Scarface in video game form and more than delivered with repeatable gameplay, challenging missions, and more sidequests than you'd ever be able to get through.

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Vice City, and the later Vice City Stories, is hallowed ground for GTA fans, and making a return to the Florida setting would be more than welcome.

San Andreas Remastered

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HERE WE GO AGAIN: San Andreas is still much-loved

If Vice City didn't pull you in, GTA: San Andreas sure did.

The 2004 title put the player at the heart of gangland Los Santos. The story of CJ and Grove Street was both crazy and endearing, while the game opened up a world of customization and explored true multiplayer for the first time.

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GTA V bought us back to Los Santos, but for many San Andreas is the peak of the franchise, and remastering it for the next-gen consoles would make Rockstar the most popular gaming company in the world.


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'ELLO GUVNOR: A UK-based GTA game would be truly special

Leaving the USA would be a remarkable step for the GTA franchise, but one that could open a world of possibilities.

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The closest thing to a GTA UK game we have ever had was the 2002 game Getaway, but with a history of criminal enterprise and the huge city of London to pay homage to Rockstar could certainly pull it off.

For now, however, we'll have to settle for GTA V - luckily Rockstar is keeping the game fresh with regular updates.

You can check out the latest weekly update here.

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