Genshin Impact 4.0: What are the Clockwork Meka of Fontaine?

Genshin Impact large clockwork meka with elemental energy enemy guide

Genshin Impact large clockwork meka with elemental energy enemy guide

As Genshin Impact gears up for the highly anticipated 4.0 update, adventurers find themselves drawn into the region of Fontaine, a realm where clockwork mechanisms intertwine with ancient magic. Amidst the gears and cogs, a new enemy type emerges known as the Clockwork Meka. These formidable mechanical foes demand manipulation of the newly introduced energies, Pneuma and Ousia. So let's learn how to beat the Clockwork Meka.

This guide will provide you with everything you need to know about Clockwork Meka, including their strengths, weaknesses, and how to defeat them. By the end of this guide, you will be able to take down these unyielding mechanized threats with ease.

While you're here, find out how to get a free Lynette and how to get to Fontaine when 4.0 hits the servers!

What are the Clockwork Meka of Fontaine?

Clockwork Meka are a new enemy type that will be introduced in Genshin Impact 4.0. They are large, mechanical creatures powered by Pneuma and Ousia, the two elemental forces of Fontaine. Clockwork Meka are highly mobile and agile, and they can use a variety of elemental attacks to damage their opponents.

There are various different types of Clockwork Meka and they perform functions such as patrolling the cities and other various regions of Fontaine. While generally peaceful, they will however enter battle mode if their everyday functions are interrupted.

Clockwork Meka seem to be made from the same materials as the Kamera and other machinery in Fontaine. They have humanoid automaton-like features, and they are bipedal machines wielding various different weapons. Different Clockwork Meka are imbued with either Pneuma or Ousia, and their abilities vary based on the energy with which they are imbued.

Clockwork Meka derive their energy from the environment in Fontaine, and cannot function normally outside of the Fontaine region. They rely on pre-prepared power boxes to perform their regular duties outside Fontaine.

Clockwork Meka types

We’ve seen various different types of Clockwork Meka through the revealed gameplay footage so far. These include:

  • Dog Meka
Genshin Impact clockwork mek dog model
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  • Spider Meka
  • Regular Soldier Mek
genshin impact regular soldier mek patrolling fontaine
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  • Captain Meka
Genshin Impact captain clockwork mek
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  • Underwater Patrol Mek
  • Underwater Survey Mek
genshin impact clockwork meka underwater survey mek models
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  • Large Elemental Mek

How to defeat Clockwork Meka using Pneuma and Ousia?

Pneuma and Ousia are two opposing forms of energy that are unique to the nation of Fontaine in Genshin Impact. They are separate from the Seven elements present in Teyvat, and can only be manipulated by characters with the Arkhe system.

  • Pneuma is a dark, purplish energy that is associated with creation and order
    • It is said to be the energy of the gods, and it is used to power many of the mechanisms and structures in Fontaine
  • Ousia is a yellowish-white energy that is associated with destruction and chaos
    • It is said to be the energy of the Abyss, and it is used by some enemies in Fontaine

When Pneuma and Ousia meet, they react violently and create a new form of energy called Annihilation. Annihilation is a powerful energy that can be used to destroy enemies, and power mechanisms, and even create new structures.

When Clockwork Meka are attacked with the energy opposite to their alignment, they will enter a state of overload and become vulnerable to attack. This is called an Annihilation Reaction. Annihilation Reactions can be a very effective way to defeat Clockwork Meka, so it is important to be aware of their elemental alignment when fighting them.

Note that only characters from Fontaine will have their attacks naturally imbued with Pnema or Ousia. Characters with the Arkhe system can use Pneuma and Ousia to their advantage in combat. They can use their Arkhe abilities to create powerful attacks that deal both Pneuma and Ousia damage. They can also use Annihilation to destroy enemies and structures.

Clockwork Meka are a formidable enemy, but they are not invincible. By understanding their strengths and weaknesses, you can defeat them easily. So get ready to farm a whole bunch of Mekas if you're looking to ascend characters from Fontaine such as Freminet or Lyney.

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