Genshin Impact 2.5 Oathsworn Eye: How to get it and best uses

During Genshin Impact 2.5's main event Three Realms Gateway Offering, travelers will have the chance to obtain a new free weapon, The Oathsworn Eye, and refinement materials along with it.

The Oathsworn Eye is a 4-star catalyst from the ancient Enkanomiya. The decent ATK stats and a passive with high Energy Recharge make an excellent option for diverse Catalyst Characters.

Here is how to get the Oathsowrn Eye and which characters are more suitable for the weapon.

Release Date

The Oathsworn Gateway is available during the event, Three Realm Gateway. The event will run until the end of Genshin Impact 2.5 on March 30, 2022

How to Obtain

Players can get the Oathsworn Eye for free by upgrading the Bokuso Box to level 4 during the Three Realms Gateway Offering event.

Travelers need a total of 320 Light Realm Sigils to upgrade the Bokuso box to this level. Players can easily farm these by doing Sentou Trials.

There are four pieces of the Refinement Material Ointment of Sight. Players need 1380 Light Realm Sigils for an Oathsowrn Eye R5.

Oathsworn Eye

The Oathsworn Eye is a suitable catalyst, considering it is not focused on just one type of character.

The decent ATK Base and the possibility of obtaining up to 48% Energy Recharge becomes will allow players to look for more offensive Artifacts.

These are the stats for the upcoming 4-star Catalyst:

  • Base Attack: 565
  • Secondary stat - 27.6% ATK
  • Passive R5: Increases Energy Recharge by 48% for 10s after using an Elemental Skill.

Ascension Material Oathsworn Eye

These are the ascension materials for the new Free Catalyst:

  • Branch of Distant Sea Series - Weapon material players can obtain in the domain Court of Flowing Sand in Inazuma.
    • On Monday, Thursday, and Sunday.
  • Concealed Pieces - Common Material drop by the Rifthounds.
  • Spectral Pieces - Common material drop by the Specters.

Oathsworn Eye Best Uses

The first and more obvious alternative could be Kokomi considering the weapon's design resemble the Sangonomiya Priestess. But unless you are playing as a Sub-DPS, Thrilling Tales is a better option.

Yae Miko

The weapon will address one of the most significant weaknesses of Yae Miko, her generation of Energy Particles. With Oathsworn Eye, players can add Miko without needing an electro battery like Baal or Fischl.

Although, the Widsith is still the best 4-star option for Yae Miko.

Other catalyst characters that benefit from the Oathsworn Eye.

  • Klee 5-star Pyro
  • Mona 5-star Hydro
  • Ningguang 4-star Geo
  • Yanfei 4-star Pyro

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