Fortnite Season 8: Halfway There!

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Fortnite Season 8 is underway and content is coming thick and fast, and we're just about to see Fortnitemares leave us for another year.

There is also a new trailer that details how JP Chimpanski will be the mastermind behind saving the island but curiously, a shot of Steamy Stacks was shown and it's looking worse for wear.

Below is everything we know about Fortnite Season 8 so far.

Latest - Season 8 Over Halfway Done

We're past the halfway point in Fortntie Season 8 and the content is still coming with no end in sight! We've yet to have a major character cup but have plenty to celebrate.

We've seen Resident Evil skins added as well as the highly requested Shadow Midas and that's just the last week summed up!

There are still around 6 weeks left until Season 9 (or Chapter 3 if you believe the hype!) and we can't wait to see what else is brought into the game.

Update 18.10 is live!

Fortnite Update 18.10 is now live and brings plenty of exciting changes. We have new weapons, NPCs and map changes! Check out our live updates for more info including the download size!

New Trailer + Update

Update 18.10 should be live next week and ahead of this, we got an official update trailer. In it, we see a shot of Steamy Stacks and it appears to have suffered some destruction! We hope to learn more about this in the coming week. Could it be tied to the moving cubes?

XP Grind to be Fixed

A fix for the slow XP grind is Season 8 is coming soon. Fortnite has announced that changes are coming that will take away the horrible grind needed to gain Battle Pass levels this season. We'll learn more on 28 September.

Season 8 New Features Breakdown

The servers are back online for the start of Season 8, so all the new features are now known. With the theme this season being 'Cubed' there's a lot of mysterious stuff to find across the map.

Thankfully, Epic and PlayStation have worked together to break it all down for you. You can check out all the details on the PlayStation Blog.

We also have a lot of details on the new features and what happens in the run-up to the new season going live down below.

Season 8 Story Trailer

The Fortnite Season 8 Story Trailer has been released and shows us a little more about the fallout of Operation Sky Fire. The Cubes have indeed landed on the island and are causing all kinds of problems.

At the end of the video we also get our first tease for The Foundation returning.

Teaser Three + Carnage Skin!

We have teaser three for Fortnite containing character JB Chimpanski as well as a Season 8 teaser which appears to confirm the addition of Carnage as a new skin!

Fortnite Season 8 Teaser Two

A second teaser has been revealed for Season 8 and appears to depict a kind of demon hunter character. There is some clear anime influence to the design which has people excited.

Like the first image, there is part of a QR code within in. After four teasers, we should have the full QR code and whatever it is hiding.

First Official Season 8 Teaser

We have our first official Season 8 teaser in the form of some incredible artwork!

It's possible that Fabio Sparklemane will be an NPC moving forward or maybe even a skin in the Battle Pass (akin to the upgradable Kymera).

Event complete, Season 8 Start confirmed

We now know that Season 8 weill begin at 10:00 BST / 05:00 EST / 02:00 PST. During the Operation Sky Fire Event, the Mothership was destroyed and Kevin the Cub reappeared.

Fortnite Season 8 Start Time
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Only, he also had thousands of other cube friends stored on the Mothership. As it came hurdling towards the island, so did all of the cubes on board. We'll have to wait for the story trailer to find out more.

First Official Operation Sky Fire Event Tease

Today, Epic has released the first official Fortnite Season 8 teaser, which focuses on what we might see from the Operation Sky Fire Event.

It features the words 'Hot Saucers' and features a video of NPCs chatting about trusting Sloane and the alien invasion.

We're sure this will all come to a head in the event this weekend. You can check out the teaser down below:

Naruto will NOT be part of the Season 8 Battle Pass

Unfortunately, we have a situation where the leakers were wrong! It doesn't happen too often so we'll let them off this time! It was previously reported on multiple occasions and by multiple individuals that Naruto would be part of the Season 8 Battle Pass.

This is no longer the case after some clarification from @SHiinaBR on Twitter today. Naruto is still expected to arrive just not as part of the Season 8 Battle Pass.

Pre Season 8 Event Revealed

The big live event that'll end Season 7 and begin Season 8 has now been officially revealed.

Operation Sky Fire will see you and 16 other friends join the fight to rid the island of aliens once and for all.

"With the Mothership’s sights set on the Imagined Order’s secret base at Corny Complex, Slone has hatched a plan to end the Invasion once and for all. You’ve answered her calls, worked as an undercover agent for the IO - now it’s time to infiltrate The Last Reality and put a stop to the Alien’s occupation."

Operation Sky Fire will take place in Fortnite on September 12 at 4pm ET/9pm BST, as we head into Season 8.

Possible Season 8 Battle Pass additions?

While it seems almost a done deal. according to leakers, that Naruto will be part of the Season 8 Battle Pass, we are thinking of who else could be added.

We think Rick O'Connell from 'The Mummy' film series would be the perfect addition should Season 8 follow the Ancient Egyptian theme. Let's be honest, who doesn't want a Brendan Fraser skin in Fortnite.

Character Cups to continue into Season 8?

One thing that cannot be ignored with Fortnite Season 7 is the sheer amount of Character Cups there has been. We've had Thanos, Wonder WCan Season 8 beat this season for content?

The current Fortnite season is proving to be something special. We've had so much content added in the last few weeks alone that it's starting to get the community thinking, how will Season 8 compete?

Not too much is known about Fortnite Season 8 currently other than some leaked material which is still debatable at best. When looking at how Season 7 was viewed in the first few weeks compared to the absolute hype train it has become, how can Season 8 replicate this feeling.

Frequent content drops, a thriving competitive scene and a compelling seasonal storyline will go a long way to helping Season 8 thrive. Will Epic come through and ensure Season 8 has everything it needs to be memorable? We sure hope so.

Fortnite Season 8 Start Date

We do not have a solid date yet for the start of Season 8, but the Battle Pass for Season 7 ends on 12 September according to @HYPEX on Twitter.

This would mean that Season 8 would have a predicted start date of between 13-15 September.

Fortnite Season 8 Theme

If the timings for Season 8 are correct, then we could be in for a spooky-themed Battle Pass and the season overall.

Fortnite Season 8 Food
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The Fortnite Medieval food concept

Season 8 would encompass Halloween and beyond which leaves many exciting possibilities for the possible themes. Perhaps the rumoured Medieval Food theme from Season 7 could be used in Season 8 instead.

Fortnite Season 8 Story

The Fortnite Season 7 story has been fantastic so far, which sets the bar higher for Season 8. The alien invasion arc has steadily unravelled over time through the weekly quests and is keeping players engaged.

Fortnite Season 8 Alien
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The alien invasion content has been first class

If the themes fit the story then it's hard to imagine how great a story we may get out of Medieval Food, but stranger things have happened.

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