Fortnite Island has changed and so have the NPC Locations for Season 8

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We're past the halfway point in Fortnite Season 8 now and more NPCs are being added frequently. The latest NPCs appear to be tied to the possible Fortnitemares event due next month.

The Alien Invasion has been halted, but there's a bigger threat out there now and you're going to need all the help you can get in the fight against the Cubes. Here's everything you need to know about all the new NPC locations for Fortnite Season 8.


UPDATED - New NPCs added in Update 18.30

Fortnite's latest update has introduced another set of NPCs to Fortnite Island. They are as follows:

  • The Cube Queen
  • Sledgehammer
  • Shadow Ops
  • Ember

You can check out a rundown of their quests below - courtesy of iFireMonkey - there's a lot of XP up for grabs alongside some Cube Queen themed cosmetics!

New NPC Locations

We've got an update with the recently added NPC locations!

  • Ariana Grande - Believer Beach pier.
  • Containment Specialist (Ghostbusters) - South-East island, inside building on far East.
  • Dire - South-East island, most Southern point of the entire map.
  • Ragsy - West of Corney Crops.
  • Nitehare - East of Craggy Cliffs near IO Base.
  • Big Mouth - North of Corny Crops.
  • Grim Fable - West of Weeping Woods in the Cube afflicted area.
  • Wrath - Inside the Stealthy Stronghold

Four New NPCs Leaked

Raven, Big Mouth, Grim Fable and Nitehare are being added to Fortnite Season 8. It appears their punchcards reveal that all NPC quests will now earn you 30,000 XP rather than the gradually inceasing XP which was capped at 20,000.

NPC LOCATIONS - Where to find everyone?

Season 8 has only just started, but we already know where a few important NPCs can be found on Fortnite Island. Here's the latest - we'll make sure to keep this list updated as more NPC locations are found across Fortnite Island.

  • Dusk - At a camp in the hills between Weeping Woods and Lazy Lake;
  • The Brat - North East of Lazy Lake - near a food truck;
  • Charlotte - South West area of Pleasant Park;
  • Torin - Near a house North West of The Aftermath;
  • Madcap - In a red-roofed building West of Corny Crops;
  • Penny - East of Retail Row;
  • Toona Fish - On a Pirate Ship in the West area of Holly Hedges;
  • Dark Jonesy - On top of Kevolution Energy in Steamy Stacks;
  • Pitstop - North West edge of Boney Burbs;
  • Kitbash - West area of Dirty Docks
  • J.B. Chimpanksi - At Base Camp on the mountain South of Catty Corner;
  • Fabio Sparklemane - In the IO Base South East of Misty Meadows;
  • Baba Yaga - In a cabin in the South East area of Sludgy Swamp;
  • Scuba Jonesy - On the beach East of Coral Castle;
  • Kor - In the centre of Misty Meadows;

This is just a handful of locations - We will keep this list updated with more accurate information when it is available.