We might know what's going on with the Fortnite Cubes!

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Fortnite Season 8 whas been delivering on its story elements in a major way. It started with Operation Sky Fire and has only gone from strength to strength kickstarted ever since.

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Now the cubes that landed all over the Fortnite map are up to something and the latest development is a shocker! Here’s everything we know about the Cube movements and actions in Season 8

LATEST - New Update Provides Future Plans

As part of Fortnite Update 18.30 it's been uncovered that the Cubes will converge soon to create a giant pyramid POI.


We're not sure where this will take pace but it's likely at the newly added Convergence POI where the Cube Queen currently sits.

The Cube Queen Arrives!

After yesterdays 18.21 update, the Cube Queen has arrived in Fortnite. She will be obtainable as part of the Battle Pass but not for another week or so.


Until then, you can try and take or and the Caretaker on but beware as they are incredibly difficult bosses!

Golden Cube reaches its final destination!

The Golden Cube has arrived at the centre of the island where it is not expected to make any further moves. The purple cubes are still moving and will continue to do so until an event is triggered.


We're expecting the arrival of the Cube Queen this week and that should start to put things in motion for the next part of Season 8's story.

Moves Keep on Coming!

The Golden Cube has now moved 192 times as of the time of writing and it's not slowing down any time soon!


The Purple Cuber interactions have slown down for now but it's all eyes on Goldie as we figure out what's going to happen next.

Event set for Tomorrow?

It was leaked eariler in the season that the cube movements were linked to an event taking place on Friday, 1 October. The moves are still happening at regular intervals but there has been no official word of an event taking place.


There have been some contrasting reports from leakers suggesting that the Cubes will not reach the centre of the map until mid-October and that the ensuing event will trigger Fortnitemares.

Another Cube activated

The second purple cube has been activated. Our friend (we think) the Golden cube activated the Plesant Park cube on 23 September.


The mini cubes also began spawning here and moving, but at a much slower rate than the golden one.

Mini Cubes on the move!

The mini cubes that broke off from the activated purple cube have now started moving! It’s going to be hard to keep up with every movement so we’ll aim to bring you the big updates from here on out.


Fortnite Season 8 Cube Movements

Cube movements within days of Fortnite Season 8 going live and fans caught on quick. Each of the purple cubes, as well as the main golden cube, all would slowly move. They would shift in one direction every so often.

Fortnite Blevin Cube
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We've not seen much from Blevin in Season 8 so far.

Fans began tracking the movements and determined that the purple cubes were all heading towards a central location while the gold cube was moving a little more erratically.

Eventually, it was discovered that the gold cube was going to ‘activate’ the purple cubes one by one. This process began on 19 September when the first activation occurred. The next day, the gold cube disappeared while the purple cube spawned 6 smalled cubes after the incident.

What to expect

While there is sure to be more interaction between Goldie and the other purple cubes, the timeline is looking a little speculative. One leaker believes this should all come to a head, on 1 October.


This could be the trigger for the next stage in the Fortnite story and when we learn more about the Mystery Battle Pass skin. On the other hand, given how busy this season has already been, we could still be some way off a major storyline moment. We do know that the first few updates are set to take place over the coming weeks so more could be learned once these are in place.