Fortnite Chapter 2, Season 9: Release Date, Events, Skins & More

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We're on the cusp of the biggest moment in Fortnite history right now as the entire community looks to what is next for the game. We're riding a resurgence of late and we hope the same rings true moving forward into Season 9.

There are only a few weeks until we learn more about the change but we're already starting to see information leaked that could hint at some big updates coming.

Whether it's the possible inclusion of Spider-Man at long last, or the proposed third stage of the Cube story that will dominate the remainder of Chapter 2, there's so much to look forward to. Donald Mustard has also gone on record the say that this and the next two chapters are his favourite yet.

We've compiled everything we know or leakers have uncovered so far about Fortnite Season 9 and will keep you up to date as we inch closer to its arrival.

LATEST - All Signs Pointing to Chapter 3?

It's been suggested that Fortnite Season 9 may NOT be next up in the calendar and instead we could head straight in to Chapter 3! For more on what's causing these rumours to gain traction, check out the below article.

Winter Event Set for a Comeback?

In Fortnite Update 18.30 som 'strings' of text were added to the game files. These strings hint towards a winter time event that could start during Season 9.

Two sets of text were added in total and all point towards a festive event due to begin in December. They are not currently attached to any other in-game content meaning the rest of the even files are yet to be uploaded.

Major NPCs to Return?

We've seen some big NPC returns this month with even the likes of Ariana Grande appearing in-game. It's left us wondering is Season 9 has similar plans to bring back some fan favourite NPCs.

Let's face it, there's only so long the community can last before Peely returns! The ball is in your fource, Epic.

Fortnite Season 9 Start Date

We know that Fortnite Season 8 ends on Sunday, 5 December so anticipate that the start of Season 9 will be either Monday, 6 December or Tuesday, 7 December. At the conclusion of Season 7, there was just a short turnaround before the new season started.

Fortnite Season 9 Cubes
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Will the Cubes have an effect on Season 9 too?

This could be the case for Season 9 also as we may have a big blow-off event on Sunday before servers go offline to implement the new update. There is still so much we don't know about the story of the current season that it's hard to guess how we transition to Season 9 until we have more detail.

The Cube movements are still ongoing and are set to trigger an event close to Halloween. This should tie in nicely with Fortnitemares and bring us a lot more detail about where we're heading next. The mystery battle pass character is also still yet to be revealed and it's believed that The Foundation will also be returning before Season 8 is done.

Is Spider-Man finally coming to Fortnite?

Rumours of Spider-Man's arrival in Fortnite have been running wild for years now. Many popular heroes have come and gone from both DC and Marvel just the web-slinger has always been absent.

A recent leak from @HYPEX appears to finally uncover some solid details that suggest her could be on his way either towards the end of Season 8 or early in Season 9.

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