Fortnite Season 3 Battle Pass Leaks: Content, Cosmetics and Release Date!

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Fortnite's next big update is right around the corner! We can expect a lot of big changes to gameplay and content, as well as added cosmetics!

One of the biggest changes coming is the battle pass. This adds loads of cosmetics for players to unlock.

Recently, we've seen more leaks releasing around the theme and skins of next season.

Here, we'll cover everything we know about the new season's Battle Pass, and how to unlock it!

Battle Pass Leaks

We already know of a new Shark vehicle coming with the new season, so we are likely to see some new skins based around the shark.

fortnite renegade raider skin 2
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RAIDER RETURNS - There is a possibility that the rarest skin in Fortnite will return to the item shop this season!

From the leaks we've seen, it seems we're getting an aquatic theme. This means the majority of the new Battle Pass skins will focus on this theme.

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We've also seen some new logos based on Sharks and Swimming equipment. These are likely to also be part of the upcoming battle pass.

Content and Cosmetics

The next Battle Pass will cost 950 V-Bucks. However, you can spend 2800 V-Bucks to skip the first 25 tiers.

More St Pats
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MAKE YOUR OWN LUCK - Unfortunately, you aren't able to buy your way to the Victory Royale!

With a total of over 100 Tiers and 70+ cosmetics, if your a fan of Fortnite, and plan to play the next season, definitely consider purchasing the Battle Pass.

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As well as the amazing skins and cosmetics for your character, there will also be weapon skins, new gliders and stickers as well as new sprays to fully customise your loadout.

Release Date

To end Season 2, there will be the Doomsday Event! This will occur on 6 June.

Peely Skin 2
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SUIT UP - Get your favourite skin and drop into Season 3!

After this, there will be a short period before Season 3 starts on 11 June.

On this date, we'll see the release of the new Battle Pass as well as all the upcoming content and gameplay changes.

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