Fortnite: When does Chapter 2 Season 3 start? Season 2, Chapter 2 end date!: Season 2 Content, Season 3 Battle Pass and More!

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Fortnite has been at the top of the gaming industry for the last few years.

It seems Epic is keen to continue updating and improving their game for the foreseeable future.

Recently, we saw a major overall to Fortnite, with the Chapter 2 update. This gave the game a brand-new feel with a new map, items and other cosmetics to keep fans interested.


Since then we’ve seen the release of Chapter 2 Season 2 which brought a new twist to the original storyline of the game.

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Will we see this story continue moving into Season 3 of
Chapter 2? And when will Season 3 release?

Season 2 Content

With the release of Season 2 brought a new Battle Pass. This came with a bunch of new cosmetics, skins and other cool features to add a level of progression.

fortnite season 2 content
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MIDAS RULE - In Season 2, we saw the story follow a leader called Midas. Will we see this continue, or will a new character lead the way?


As well as this, Epic added a bunch of new Points of
Interest (POI) and locations to change up the map. This included the central
location of the ‘Agency’.

This central location was the main location for this Seasons
storyline. There have been a few leaks leading towards the continuation of this

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As well as all this, we also saw the addition of new items
and weapons. Which managed to change the way the game plays and feels.

Season 3 Release Date

fortnite season 3 The Agency
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AGENCY POI - The Agency point of Interest may be gone when Season 3 comes!


A few weeks ago, Epic announced that Season 3 will be delayed at least a month!

The Second Season of Chapter 2 was delayed by a few weeks as well. This led to a lot of players growing tired of the same content.

Due to the delay, we’re going to see Season 3 release on 4 June. This is around a months delay from the original release date.

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Season 3 is expected to last around eight to nine weeks, similar to other seasons of Fortnite.

The new Season is expected to bring a bunch of new weapons
and items to the game as well as new POI’s to further develop the storyline and
enhance the quality of the game.

Season 3 Battle Pass and Content

The new Season is expected to bring a bunch of new weapons and items to the game as well as new POI’s to further develop the storyline and enhance the quality of the game.

fortnite public events live
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LIVE EVENTS - Will we see a live event, similar to the Travis Scott Astronomical event to kick off Season 3?

The new season will also bring a new Battle Pass. This typically is related to the storyline of that season. With 100 tiers, this keeps players interested in upgrading their character for new cosmetics throughout the Season.


The “Spy-based” storyline is expected to be continued based
on the leaks from Reddit.

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