*UPDATED* Fortnite Patch V14.10 - Patch Notes, New Mythic Weapons, New POI, Iron Man, Stark Industries, latest news & More!

Fortnite is releasing the first major patch of Chapter 2 Season 4 with downtime now beginning!

Although weekly patches are a thing of the past, Epic has ensured that this update is rammed full of content.

Keep reading for the patch notes and to find out more!

Latest News - Epic Blog Post

Epic Games post a blog post with some details regarding the new patch.

Check out some highlights below!


Genius. Billionaire. Philanthropist. Tony Stark’s confidence is only matched by his technology and business savvy. 

The center of much super activity, the high-tech Stark Industries is now on the map. Explore this esteemed complex to gather loot and maybe even meet a Hero (or Villain)…


Drawing nearer to the Island, Galactus now has his own enemy Drones roaming the battlefield. These Gatherer Drones are designed for collecting loot, but they’re also loot themselves: upon defeat, they’ll deactivate and turn into their weapon form. Deactivated Gatherers are highly unstable, so they’ll explode if you don’t pick them up quickly!

Downtime has begun!

The official Fortnite Status Twitter has tweeted out that downtime has begun, in preparation of patch V14.10.

fortnite patch v14 10 downtime 1
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DEBBIE DOWNER: Downtime for v14.10 has begun

Once the servers are live again, the patch will have arrived, so stay tuned as we will update this page with all the latest throughout the day.

Full Patch Notes

In classic Epic Games fashion, they have not provide detailed patch notes!

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However, the night before the update went live, they sent out some minor patch notes to creators.

Thanks to claystehling we are able to see all of them.

Check out all the details below.

Patch Noters 1
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WOW - It's coming!

Iron Man POI

The first note of the patch notes appears to be a reference to the brand new POI at the center of the map.

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Epic has noted "Explore the R&D Lab and Battle Bus chop shop"

We will have to see how massive this POI is tomorrow.

Mythic Weapons

Leaked sometime ago by HYPEX, we knew we were going to get brand new Mythic Weapons at some point.

But, we did not know when they would be coming.

Abilities min 1
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WOW - So many!

Now, according to the notes it appears Iron Man's and Thor's are coming to the game.

"The Stark Industries Update assembles more powers. Check out Thor’s Mjolnir Strike, Iron Man’s Repulsor Gauntlets, and more."

Become A Hero

Perhaps the most intriguing aspect of this update is a brand new skin coming to the item shop.

It appears players will be able to fully customize their own super hero skin!

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