Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 4: Week Three XP Coins Locations – Green, Blue, Gold and Purple XP Coins!

Epic continues to add new coins all over the map each week since Season 4 released.

With Chapter 2 Season 4 being out for quite some time now, a new leak has revealed more XP Coins.

Let's take a closer look at all these coins!


For those who do not know, there are three different types of XP coins; and new ones spawn each week on the map.

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Here is a quick outline of all the coins and how much XP you will gain from each:

  • Green – Most common XP Coin, rewards 5,000 XP
  • Purple – Will burst into smaller XP Coins, collecting all will grant you 10,300 XP
  • Blue – Have timers on them during the match, rewards 6,500 XP
  • Gold – Will reward you with 15,000 XP

Week Three

HYPEX posted the locations of all the leaked challenges on Twitter over the weekend.

Take a look at the image below!

Week 3 XP Coins
expand image

NICE - Easy XP!

Good luck hunting these coins!

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