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Fortnite Catty Corner: POI Guide - Chest Spawns, Kit, Mythic Weapons, and More!

With the release of Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 3 we got an ample amount of new POIs all over the map.

All of these new POIs have access to the new Mythic weapons for this season, including Catty Corner.

Home of Meowscles son, Kit; this POI is one of the best on the map.

Here's how to dominate Catty Corner!

Where Is It?

Catty Corner is located on the bottom right side of the Fortnite map.

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Just above the hill to the east of Misty Meadows, Catty Corner is yours for the taking.

New Map 1
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NEW - This new map is crazy!

Movement and Rotations

The flood at the start of Season 3 changed the way we move and rotate around the Fortnite map.

Luckily, Catty Corner has been largely unaffected by the flood.

Make sure you're aware that your rotation one week, may be different the next. This is the case for the majority of POIs around the map.

Chest Spawns

Thanks to LootLake.Info we are able to see exactly where the chest spawns are in Catty Corner.

There are a total of 14 chest spawns along with some Henchman chests!

Cat Chests
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ONE SIDED- All The Chests are on one side!


Since this POI is home to Kit and its two Mythic Weapons. The Mythic Charge Shotgun and Mythic Shockwave Grenade Launcher.

You are going to need to take down Kit in order to get these.

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Kit can spawn at the following locations at Catty's Corner.

  • In its room atop the gas station
  • In front of the main warehouse
  • Inside the warehouse


One of the more annoying aspects of landing at Catty Corner is the amount of Henchman present.

There seems to be a never ending horde of them, and they do not miss!

Be careful of them when you land here, as if you get easily distracted it is lights out for you.

CH2S3 1
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DIVE IN - Have you got a victory royal yet?

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