Fortnite: How To Rescue Sapling Groot From Holly Hedges Nursery

All of the Marvel-themed skins have variants that players will be able to unlock through challenges.

These battle pass skins are easily the best part about the new season.

Players can now unlock an adorable backbling.

Here's how to do so!

Baby Groot

The backbling that players have a chance to unlock is the baby version of Goot.

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Once you complete the challenge you will be able to jump off the battle bus with baby Groot!

The challenge will require you to go on a rescue mission to save baby Groot from the Holly Hedges nursery.

Where Too

So to complete this challenge you are going to want to head over to Holly Hedges.

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Once you are there, head over to the center building; which has a random assortment of items in the back.

Baby Groot is hiding between a collection of three trees; and you just need to use your interact key on Groot.

FortniteBabyGroot 1
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CUTE- This backbling is awesome!

After you interact with baby Groot, the backbling will be yours!

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