Fortnite Wolverine Challenges: How To Find A Sentinel Head At Dirty Docks

A new week means we are one step closer to unlocking the legendary Wolverine skin!

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Sentinels Head Dirty Dokcs

We are now onto the third week of Season 4.

This also means we are getting a brand new set of weekly challenges and Wolverine ones!

Here’s how to complete the Wolverine challenge for week three.


Sentinel Head

A new week of challenges has released, and with this comes a new Wolverine challenge.

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The challenge will require you to interact with a specific Sentinel Head somewhere near Dirty Docks.

The Sentinels are the massive robots that have been spotted south of The Authority all season.

PASS- Which skin is your go-to?

Which One?

You are going to want to head over near Dirty Docks, and just west of the POI you will spot some robots.

Head over to one of them and keep trying until one of them allows you to interact with them

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