Fortnite Season 4: How to Read Comics! - Leaks, Datamining, Galactus, Thor and More!

It seems Epic Games have another massive comic book / Superhero event planned for Season 4.

Through Datamining, In-Game objects and more, we can get a good look at what could be coming in the next few weeks.

Continue reading for all the latest info!

Datamining Files

Datamining allows players to go into the files of the game and access content that may not be available in the released version of the game.

hypex comic books readable fortnite chapter 2 season 4
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Hypex is known in the Fortnite community for finding some amazing leaks and content through data mining.

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Above, you can see a file he found called "ComicReader" possibly hinting at the release of Comics coming very shortly.

In-Game comics

There have also been a number of cases (mainly on console) where a readable comic appears in the main screen.

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Comic Book fans have stated that the character seen is likely to be Thor and Galactus.

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Whether we'll be getting skins for the characters in unknown, but its clear Epic still plans to make Marvel and DC events.

Battle Pass Characters

In Season 3, we recieved another Hero character, Aquaman.

We can't wait to see which Comic Book character will come to life in Season 4, but will this be part of the Battle Pass?

During Season 3, we also received the Captain America skin in the Fortnite Item Shop.

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This means we may see more new characters coming to the item shop rather than in the Battle Pass.

Season 4 Story

So, what does this mean for the Fortnite storyline? As well as the Season 3/4 characters and story?

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SHARK WEEK - Head into Fortnite to experience Shark Week early!

It's unlikely any Marvel or DC event will affect the actual Fortnite story. Normally these events are entirely detached from the Fortnite lore.

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However, if we do get an event which involves characters like Thor and Galactus, there's a very high chance we'll get some cosmetics to go along with it.

Season 4 Delayed?

Fans of Fortnite are concerned over the release of Season 4.

Recently, both Google and Apple have filed Lawsuits against Epic Games for a change made to Fortnite on their respective App Stores.

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Epic has said this lawsuit won't affect the release of Season 4, but there's always a chance Epic will delay Season 4 due to other factors.

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