*UPDATED* Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 4: Best Leaked Skins! - Shark Week, Mariana, Seeker, Deo, and More!

Fortnite Season 4 is fast approaching and we can't wait to see what Epic Games have planned!

With each season comes a new battle pass, gameplay updates, balancing and most importantly... skins!

Below we've listed our top 3 skins to release in Season 4. These have all been found in the game files and showcased on the Pro Game Guides website.

Latest Leaks

Season 4 has just released, we now have some amazing new Marvel skins to get our hands on!

With the new season, comes a host of new leaks and cosmetics here's the latest!

Dread Fate

This skin may be a variant of the current Fate skin!

dread fate fortnite leaked cosmetic
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However, it may be an entirely different character, meaning it will sell as a separate cosmetic.

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Fate and Omen were a large part of Chapter 1 storyline. Does this mean we'll be returning to the old map?

Dark Skully

The Dark series is set to continue with this next outfit!

fortnite season 4 dark skully leaked skins
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The Dark Skully set will also come with a dark version of the Back bling from the standard set.

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Will this skin sell as part of a pack, or on its own in the item shop? We'll have to wait and see!

Samurai Scrapper

Samurai Scrapper is another skin that's been leaked after the release of Season 4!

samurai scrapper fortnite season 4 leaked skins
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This skin will come with a few variants allowing players to customise the skin in their own way.

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We hope this character hints towards the return of POI Junk Junction!

Marvel Leaks

Lots of teasers from the community and Epic Games point towards a Marvel themed Season releasing very shortly!

This means we'll be getting more Marvel cosmetics and characters!


This recent leaks from @FNBRHQ shows off the possible theme of season 4!

fortnite season 4 marvel theme leaks
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You can see the Marvel character Thor in the logo, possibily hinting at the release of the character in the new season!

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Nothing is confirmed as of yet, so we'll have to wait for more news from Epic!


Ultron is another character that's been teased with the new season!

fortnite season 4 marvel ultron
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IRON MAN'S CREATION - Will Tony Stark feature in the new Season?

This teaser clearly shows the eye of the Ultron character, so we hope he'll feature as a cosmetic in the Battle Pass!

Mariana - Epic

Mariana is the first on our list.

fortnite chapter 2 season 4 leaked skin mariana 1
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SEASON 4 - What will the theme be for the upcoming Season?

This skin seems to fit with the aquatic theme of Season 3, but we haven't seen or heard anything from this character yet.

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We may see this skin release before Season 4 because of this, but we reckon this skin is linked to the ship found underwater.

Seeker - Rare

This skin has been rated one of the highest-rated skins on progameguides.com.

fortnite chapter 2 season 4 leaked skin seeker
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MARVEL - Do you think this character is linked to Deadpool?

This can change over time as anyone can vote, but clearly fans are excited for this skin to release.

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This skin will also release with the "Street Serpent" set, which includes the Seeker skin, a harvesting tool and a backbling.

Deo - Epic

The Deo skin is expected to be the character trapped in the ship underwater.

fortnite chapter 2 season 4 leaked skin deo
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SPACESHIP - What will happen to the spaceship at the end of the Season?

This means Deo is likely to play a part of the Season 4, and possibly Season 5 storyline. We can't wait to see how Epic integrates these new characters in Chapter 2.

To see the rest of the skins that haven't been released as of yet, head over to the progameguides.com website.

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Here, they outline the rarity, gender, availability and more, as well as if the skin is part of a set.

Shark Week Premiere

Next week, Shark Week will be coming to Fortnite!

fortnite shark items shark week party royale 2020
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COZY AND COMFY - Will you be picking up these new skins?

Epic Games has announced the Comfy and Cozy Chomps Outfits will release with the premiere of Shark Week.

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It's unclear as the the rarity/cost of these skins, so we'll have to wait for more information from Epic!

Kyra - Rare

Kyra is a very high rated, rare skin on Fortnite.

fortnite kyra outfit unreleased skin
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STORYLINE - How does Kyra tie in to the Season 3 story?

Alrthough it has a "Rare" rarity, we believe this skin could be featured as part of a Starter Pack in Season 4.

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We also know of her Impact Set which is set to release alongside her outfit, to get a closer look at these, click here!

Mecha Team Shadow

The Ghost vs Shadow Saga may be continuing in Season 4 with the release of a new Shadow set.

fortnite outfit mecha team shadow unreleased skins
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The Mech seen above is a reskinned outfit from Chapter 1.

Does this mean Team Shadow have access to parts of Chapter 1? Or is this simply a redesign of an old skin.

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We hope this skin is added as part of the original outfit, meaning owners won't need to purchase this skin twice.

Season 4 Delays?

Currently, Fortnite is unavailable on the App Store and Google Play Store due to a lawsuit filed by Apple and Google.

This Lawsuit and removal of Fortnite from the App store has raised some concern over the release of Season 4.

There is now a possibility Season 4 will be delayed.

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To stay up to date with the Lawsuit, check out our piece here!

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