Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 4 COUNTDOWN: Theme, Leaks, Skins, Battle Pass, Weapons & more

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Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 4 is just hours away!

Here's what you should know about the upcoming season.

Release Date

Chapter 2 Season 4 has now been confirmed for Thursday, 27 August 2020.

It will arrive at 2am EST with downtime before finally going live, but during this downtime you can check out the season's trailer which premieres at the same time.

The trailer will be live here.

You can check out all the latest leaks, and more right here, including something which may be happening sooner than you thought!


The theme looks to be coming straight out of the Marvel universe with Thor likely to be prominent!

fortnite chapter 2 season 4 marvel theme confirmed
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FOR ASGARD! - Thor, along with a Marvel theme, will appear in Season 4

It remains to be seen how Thor will appear, but we expect a new skin featuring the Norse god, with the return of his hammer highly likely.


Other than Thor's hammer, we don't know too much about what weapons could arrive - could Thor's ability to conjure lightning also come into play?


Thor will almost surely appear at this stage, but there are rumours that a Wolverine skin will follow him.

Peely may get a new look too, and Epic Games director Donald Mustard has now included Iron Man and Dr Doom on his Twitter header.

The latest "spoiler" comes from @FNBRHQ and suggests X-Men's Storm could be joining the fray.

Battle Pass

Players can expect to pay 950 V-Bucks (£7.50 / $9.50) for the Battle Pass.

Over the course of the current season, you are able to earn enough Vbucks to purchase the Battle Pass for Season 4.

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Along with the standard Battle Pass option, there will also be the Battle Pass Bundle option.

The bundle is going to set you back 2,800 Vbucks, and will upgrade you all the way to tier 25 of the Battle Pass.



We can't wait to see what influence the Thor/Marvel theme will have on the Map.

HYPEX suggested that Comic Books will be collectables across the map and there will be a Thor POI.

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