*UPDATED* Fortnite Contender Cash Cup: How to Track Stats! - Daily Hype Cup, Platform Cup and FNCS and More!

Fortnite Battle Royale has been around for a few years now, after exploding onto the gaming scene back in 2017.

This has allowed players to grow and improve, creating an amazing competitive scene.

Epic Games has implemented tournaments in-game, allowing anyone to compete for money!

You are able to see who won the tournament, but you'll need a bit of help if you want more in-depth information.

What is the Cash Cup?

The Cash CUp is an in-game event on Fortnite.

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LIGHTHOUSE - Check out the Lighthouse for a quiet landing spot in Arena!

Players and competitors can qualify in-game and compete for money. this may be in the Solo, Duo Trio and sometimes Squad playlists.

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Epic games implemented this very well and we hope to see more games doing the same in the future.

In-Game Stats

You are able to track some stats in-game, like matches played and points earned.

You're also able to see who won the tournament as well as how much each place got.

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However, if you want slightly more in-depth stats, you'll need to head over to Fortnite Tracker!

Fortnite Tracker

Fortnite Tracker is part of the Tracker Network site.

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RENEGADE RAIDER - Will the original Renegade Raider skin return in Season 3?

Here, you can check on multiple in-game stats for games like Fortnite, Valorant, Apex Legends, Destiny 2 and More!

On Fortnite Tracker, you'll be able to see how each team did in the Contender Cash Cup!

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You'll be able to see how they did in each match aswell as overall stats like points earned and matches played.

Check out all the latest stats on the Cash Cup here!

Fortnite Tracker Events

There are also a host of other Events you can follow on Tracker Network and Fortnite Tracker!

Daily and Platform Cups

You'll also be able to track the Daily and Platform Cash Cups on the Fortnite Tracker!

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MUDFLAP - Have you tried the new Joyride update in Fortnite?

The daily Cash cups are small tournaments in-game, with no prize pool. These tournaments are purely for fun and practice.

You'll have to check what time these start for your time zone as they'll be different for each.

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The Platfrom Cash Cups take place every Thursday and have a prize pool of around $2500!

FNCS Qualifiers

The Fortnite Championship Series is one of the bigger tournaments in Fortnite.

The qualifying is currently taking place all around the world, on multiple platforms.

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You can track your favourite pros like Mongraal and Bugha through the FNCS on the Fortnite Tracker!

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