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Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 3 Event: The Herald, When, Where, Map Changes, The Visitor, Hightower, Craters, Rifts, Leaks and More!

Chapter 2 Season 3 is ending in just a few days!

This season has been jammed full of content, with awesome events and limited-time modes!

Now, players are looking ahead to what Epic might have up their sleeves for the season-ending event.

Here's what we know!


We can assume that a season-ending event will happen sometime around August 20-26, so around a week before the season ends!

Will There Be One?

Epic themselves have not confirmed there will be a season-ending event yet, but is it easy to assume there will be one.

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Every season but one there has been a season-ending event of some sort.

Last season was the epic flooding of the map, where Midas tried to trigger The Device

14 Days of SUmmer
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NICE - What a fun filled summer of Fortnite!

Although the map has been reverted back to normal; it is unknown what is coming next.

Coral Castle?

The brand new POI on the map was revealed at the beginning of August, although it was leaked when the season released.

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It does seem a bit odd for Epic to release a massive POI with such little time left to the season.

This could prove vital to the season-ending event, as there could be some significance under the castle.

Coral Castle 23 1
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BIG - This POI is massive!

Map Changes

We can assume if there is a season-ending event, it will bring some pretty major map changes.

This was seen last season, with the map being flooded; along with The Agency being demolished!

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There have been a few leaks hinting at a Season 3 End event. Below, we cover all the relevant leaks for the event.


Twitter user @iFireMonkey leaked this interesting image of an audio file for the event.

fortnite season 4 start event audio file spectrogram hightower event
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SPECTROGRAM - A Spectrogram helps to visualise audio files and sounds.

As you can see, there is a figure of some sort of creature hiding in the audio files...

Epic is known for hiding sneaky details like this, so we can assume this kind of thing is done on purpose.

Fans have speculated that this figure is one of the "Seven" from the last chapter. We last saw the Visitor (part of the Seven) entering the Black Hole in Season X.

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It seems Epic is hinting towards some sort of Interstellar style dimension travel!

Rift, Craters To Appear Soon!

According to master leaker HYPEX, it appears the mysterious craters, and a rift in the sky is going to appear on the map soon!

Check out the below image for all locations of these key figures of the upcoming event.

Hightower Locations
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Rift Has Appeared!

A rift that has appeared over Catty Corner now.

This was leaked quite some time ago, but now we can get a better look at what it looks like in-game courtesy of iFireMonkey.

Catty Corner Rift 2
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NICE - We cannot wait for the event!

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