Fortnite: How To Dance On Top of Different Sentinel Heads At The Sentinel Graveyard - Tips, Tricks and More!

The new season is implementing an ample amount of map changes so far, including the recent Black Panther POI.

One aspect has remained constant amid the new season and that of course is the weekly challenges.

Week two is finally here and there is one tricky challenge!

Here's how to complete it.

Sentinel Graveyard

The challenge will require players to head over to the new Landmark, Sentinel's Graveyard.

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For players who have not seen all the new locations this season; you may encounter some problems.

Sentinel's Graveyard is located to the north of Misty Meadows and south of The Authority.

Sandwiched in the middle you will notice the massive robots.

Sentintel Graveyard
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RIP - These poor robots!


Now, once you make your way over to the Sentinel's Graveyard; you will need to dance atop three of the Sentinel's heads.

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Some of them do not have a head so be careful when going to one!


For completing this challenge player's will be rewarded with 25,000 XP!

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