Fortnite Groot Challenges: How To Plant A Seed On A Heart-Shaped Island

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Season 4 is well underway and players all over the world are jumping in!

All of the Marvel-themed skins have variants that players will be able to unlock through challenges.


Groot's recently became available.

Here's how to complete it!


The awakening portion of the battle pass skins allows players to unlock certain cosmetic items for each skin.


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Cosmetics such as Baby Groot or a new style of Storm are some examples.

This is the second iteration of Groot's awakening challenges, and the reward for this one is insane!


Before we get into the guide, if you complete this challenge you will unlock the Rocket Racoon backbling!

rocket raccoon fortnite groot awakening challenges 1

AWESOME - Best friends for life!


Now onto the challenge itself.

You will need to head to the most western portion of the map, just off the shore from Sweaty Sands is a small collection of islands.

How to Plant a Seed on a Heart Shaped Island as Groot in Fortnite min

Credit: Gamer Journalist

There you will be able to plant the seed which will complete the challenge!

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