Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 2 Event: Full Details, Bunkers, Oil Rigs, Leaks and More!

The newest season of Fortnite is closer then it's ever been to releasing; with just one more day until the release, we are once again getting an ample amount of teaser images!

With the most recent teaser image confirming the gold theme for the new season, fans are anticipating a season-ending event today as well!

Let's take a look at the season-ending event happening TODAY!


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TOUCH OF GOLD - Who else is excited about the event today!?

The most recent teaser posted by Fortnite was perhaps the most cryptic message of them all; luckily we have community members such as @FNBRHQ who was able to uncover some details about the event today.

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What fans have speculated all along, was that something was going to happen regarding the mysterious bunker, and it appears we are right!

It appears that the teaser images Fortnite have been tweeting have all had subtle hints to the word "MIDAS", which further represents the figure who was known for turning everything he touches into gold.

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This is further explained in the above image, as we can see the connection between the golden teaser images and the word MIDAS!

REDACTED? Donald Mustard

New Teaser 1
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HIDDEN CLUES - What could the most recent teaser indicate?

Donald Mustard who is the Worldwide Creative Director at Epic Games has recently changed his Twitter location as he typically does before the new Fortnite season.

This is further the location of the mysterious bunker location where the event is taking place!

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The bunker also heavily resembles the real-life tomb of the deceased King Midas, whom the season is centered around. So, it appears that this will 100% be the location of the event today so keep your eyes peeled!

The Visitors?

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THE END? - Could this map also be doomed like the last?

During last season's event, we are all well aware of the seven visitors destroying the map forever; we all thought we were done with their pesky antics.

However, it appears there may be some clues about their role in this season's event as well!

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Translated by @FNBRHQ, the text within the new teaser image translates to "Seven"; which is also the number of visitors we had during the last season's event. Perhaps they will have some role during today's event!

Event Start Time!

We do not know for sure when the season-ending event is going to take place. In the past, Epic Games has displayed a counter above the location of the event and we do not have one just yet.

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Keep your eyes peeled on the bunker in the bottom right of the map all day; as you never know when the timer is going to go live!

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