Fortnite: Best Season 4 Prop Hunt Maps! - Modern Museum, Props on A Plane and More!

Season 4 has brought some of our favourite Marvel characters to Fortnite!

However, if you're looking to change up the way you play, hopping into creative for some Prop Hunt is a lot of fun.

Here, we cover some of the best Prop Hunt maps you should use in Season 4!

Modern Museum

This map is perfect for smaller groups who are looking for some fast paced action.

modern museum prop hunt
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HIDE AND SEEK - If you havn't played prop hunt before, this is a great start!

The architecture is very simple with few objects making an interesting time.

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You'll need to come up with some creative plays if you want to win on this one. We recommend a maximum of 4-5 players on this one.

Props on a Plane

Props on a Plane is a great map for those looking for a hectic experience.

The close quarter's action paired with the 3rd person camera can lead to some hilarious moments.

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This also makes it much easier for props to hide in tricky spots. So be ready for a funny but somewhat frustrating time!

Asteroid Arcade

This is an iconic prop hunt map, which you may have played before!

asteroid arcade code prop hunt season 4
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For those that haven't, this is a staple of the Prop Hunt game mode, with plenty of rooms, objects and fun areas to explore.

There are a few areas on different areas giving the props some different areas to hide in.

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This is one of the more tricky maps if your a seeker, but in larger groups, this can be a great map to try!

More Prop Hunt

If you're looking for some other Prop Hunt Maps, head over to one of our other pieces here!

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If these aren't what you're looking for the DropNite website lists a load of Prop Hunt maps, as well as the official Fortnite site.

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