FM24: Cross-play coming to console!

Crossplay FM24 Console

Crossplay FM24 Console

Football Manager 2024 is here, and players are already deep into their saves with Early Access being granted for all players who pre-ordered the game!

There are tons of new features in FM24, including the introduction of the J League, and we have content including the biggest budget teams in FM, plus much more, so be sure to check out our Football Manager page!

With a load of news released from developers regarding the new FM24, which releases on 6 November, we now know that FM24 console will be cross-play, meaning managers can combine saves from one console to another. Let's dive into this awesome new feature added to the game!

Cross-play coming to FM24 Console

That's right! Developers have listened, and FM24 Console will officially be cross-play with the news dropping on the official Football Manager website!

FM24 Console brings with it more opportunities to challenge your friends online.

Not only can you compete against those on the same device as you, but the enabling of cross-play means that those of you on Xbox can play with people on PS5 and vice-versa.

FM24 Console Cross-play
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FM24 Console Cross-play

Cross-play will be applicable across all three online game modes in FM24 Console – Fantasy Draft, Online Career, and Versus mode – and just requires you to both be on the same version of the game

The avenues in which FM24 players can go are now even more endless, with the option of online play or single-player manager careers, there is so much freedom!

Other new features in FM24 Console

FM24 Console will be a ton of fun with loads of new features coming to the game, as players transition from FM23.

Here are all the other features added to FM24 Console that you can do as a manager in your save:

  • Brand-new dynamics system
  • Enhanced Training Plans
  • Level up your prospects
  • Truer football motion, match authenticity, and positional play
  • Set Piece Creator
  • Develop your club's future
  • Improved Accessibility

If you want to find out more about these newly listed features, check out the FM24 website.

For more of the latest FM24 content, be sure to keep up to date with RealSport101.

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