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FM24: Biggest budget teams


Football Manager 24 is set to release on 6 November, and players across the world have been blessed with a ton of new feature drops already.

The J-League will be coming to FM24, along with improved gameplay, and a huge set-piece refresh which introduces set-piece coaches for the first time.

With the game releasing in just over a month, FM fans will be considering which teams they want to take to glory, so let's see who will have the biggest budgets in FM24!

FM24 biggest budget teams

There are lots of things to consider when choosing your team for FM24. Whether you like the challenge of taking a club from the depths of the football pyramid or want to start in the big leagues, it's important to get a feel of the challenge you are about to face.

FM budgets tend to be more realistic than those in FC 24 Career Mode and follow truer real-life balances based on the latest transfer window. Therefore, some teams may be richer than you think, or a lot worse off!

Without further ado, let's go through the leagues and see which teams will have the highest budgets.

Premier League

  • Arsenal - £30 million
  • Brighton - £70 million
  • Chelsea - £135 million
  • Liverpool - £40 million
  • Man City - £112 million
  • Man United - £30 million
  • Newcastle - £120 million
  • Tottenham - £30 million
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Brighton vs Man City FM24

Serie A

  • Inter - £15 million
  • Juventus - £17 million
  • Milan - £16 million
  • Napoli - £17 million
  • Roma - £12 million


  • Bayern Munich - £18 million
  • RB Leipzig - £18 million
  • Borussia Dortmund - £15 million

La Liga

  • Atletico Madrid - £10 million
  • Barcelona - £5 million
  • Real Madrid - £99 million
  • Villarreal - £11 million

Ligue 1

  • AS Monaco - £17 million
  • LOSC Lille - £17 million
  • PSG - £72 million
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And there we have it, the transfer budgets that we believe will be the biggest in FM24.

Will you be spending the big bucks of Manchester City, Real Madrid, or PSG, or making it work with the smaller budgets of Barcelona, or Roma? Either way, we expect FM24 to be bigger and better than ever before, and can't wait for it to be released.

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