How to make players reach their potential in FIFA 23

FIFA 23 Pedri Barcelona

FIFA 23 Pedri Barcelona

FIFA 23 Career Mode may not have been widely well received, but fans are still flocking to the mode.

Once again, wonderkids remain the lifeblood of any good Career Mode save, and we've got you covered for simple tips to help you develop your club's next superstar.

Check below for everything you need to know about the best ways to get players to their potential in FIFA 23.

How to make players reach their potential in FIFA 23

Wonderkids - players aged 21 or under with high potential - have always been one of the most important elements of any Career Mode save, and this fact remains the same in FIFA 23.

Developing a wonderkid won't just allow you to add talented players to your team without having to break the bank, it will also allow you to make a tidy profit and hit certain managerial objectives.

FIFA 23 Career Mode
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NEW YEAR, SAME CAREER MODE- Big profit can be made in this year's mode.

With that in mind, these following tips will help you guarantee your wonderkid reaches their full potential.

Matchday Experience

The best way to quickly develop any wonderkid is to give them game time, with form a huge marker when a prospect is developing.

Getting a wonderkid on the pitch and turning in big performances with them will reap major rewards, with goals, assists and general match ratings certain to help them grow.

Much of the growth system in FIFA 23 is dependent on match performance, so there's no good leaving them to rot in your reserves.

Loan, Loan, Loan

If you can't get a rising talent into your starting eleven, then definitely utilise the loan market.

Sending your youngster on loan is arguably the easiest way to get them to grow, with the growth system sometimes glitching out and seeing immediate growth as soon as a loan deal is agreed upon.

FIFA 23 Jude Bellingham
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SUPER JUDE - Bellingham is one of the best wonderkids in FIFA 23

Even if your player isn't starting for their loan club, there's a very good chance that a good youth prospect will grow around 5 overall marks in a season when out on loan.


If neither of the option above work out, then be sure to get your wonderkids in training.

Whether it's with the regular starters or training individually on a brand new day, wonderkid training is vitally important for development.

It can be tedious, but it's a vital way to ensure that your wonderkids reach their full potential in FIFA 23 Career Mode.

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