FIFA 23 - Dynamic Potential leaves Career Mode players FRUSTRATED

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Karim Adeyemi FIFA 23

FIFA 23 Career Mode has received a mixed reception, to say the least, with some fans stating this year's offering is the worst it's ever been.

Whilst we wouldn't go that far, there's no doubt that there is major room for improvement, especially when it comes to a specific feature.

Find out below about the Dynamic Potential problems and what EA can do to fix them.

Dynamic Potential in FIFA 23

Dynamic potential is a feature that was added to Career Mode a few years ago, enabling any player to reach a high overall rating, within reason.

Like the system seen in the Football Manager series, wonderkids and youth prospects possess more of a potential range rather than a set rating, with players able to exceed their set rating.

However, players can also fall below their potential, meaning a lot of it is down to the player's performances and the way they are trained/developed.

FIFA 23 Jude Bellingham
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DEFINITIVE STARS - Jude Bellingham is one player that will always reach his potential

Whilst this sounds excellent on paper, the execution has been far from stellar and has left dynamic potential broken once again in FIFA 23.

Rather than players growing naturally, you will have some that simply shoot to 90+ ratings without rhyme or reason, and some cases where youth team products simply don't increase in rating at all, regardless of their game time or time spent training them up.

This latest flaw is the most recent to be discovered in a long list of Career Mode failings, and we're hoping that EA Sports FC will address the frustration of CM fans.

Lost Potential

Career Mode is easily the mode in FIFA with the most potential.

Ultimate Team is the money maker, but that mode feels like it's reached a point in which there's too much, rather than too little.

On the other hand, Career Mode is a mode that can be vastly expanded upon when EA Sports FC arrives in 2023.

We'll go into that at a later stage but first, let's focus on potential and how it can be improved.

Firstly, scrap potential completely.

Have it so that any play can grow and fall and have the rating system play out as it does in real life - if you're in form then you increase, if you're out of form you go down.

FIFA 23 Career Mode
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FAN FRUSTRATION - The Career Mode community has been left wanting once again.

Even have it so ratings increase/decrease at different waypoints in the season, making scouting more interesting and offering fresh challenges in your save.

Whilst the frequent changes we see presently keeps you on your toes, it becomes something that goes under the carpet, rather than receiving word that certain players have improved/increased and others have fallen the other way.

This would also signal the end of our biggest Career Mode pet peeve, watching anyone over the age of 31 decreases.

Even if a player is in top form, if they're over 32, they will start to decrease.


Of course, players slow down in real life as they get older, but never at the rate that FIFA would have you believe.

Instead of potential, Career Mode should adopt a system in which increases and decreases are rewarded based on form, meaning that you could take a striker from League One to the Premier League and still have them increase if they're scoring goals.

Right now, every Career Mode feels the same, with the usual suspects reaching the 93 mark and offering very little in the way of versatility.

This new system would allow all kinds of players to reach high ratings, making every Career Mode feel unique and different.

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