FIFA 23 Career Mode - BEST or WORST ever?

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One thing that FIFA 23 will always do is spark debate.

Whether it's Ultimate Teams fans debating the number of Icons included or Pro Clubs fans creating a discourse surrounding the lack of cross-play, FIFA 23 has a number of talking points.

One such point of discussion can be found in a thread on Reddit, with Career Mode fans debating whether this year's instalment of the much-loved mode is the best or worst we've ever seen.

FIFA 23 Career Mode Debate

FIFA 23 has come a long way in terms of gameplay, and this opinion seems to be shared amongst the vast majority of the community.

That being said, once you delve into the individual modes you begin to unpick issues that hinder this year's release.

FIFA 23 Career Mode
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FAILING TO DELIVER - Career Mode fans are unimpressed with what they've seen this year

Career Mode is one such mode, where a lack of new features and tangible differences has made this year's game feel far too similar, unable to justify the high price tag of yet another annual release.

Now, fans of Career Mode have started to discuss the merits of this year's offline experience and we want to share some of those opinions below.

Career Mode - Best or Worst?

Reddit user ollie1roddy ignited the discussion with his take on Career Mode being the best it's been for years.

One of the main points cited by Ollie is the vast improvements made to AI, something we've noticed in our own saves.

Instead of having one effective way to beat every opponent, there's now a genuine skill gap that needs to be breached by tweaking tactics and personnel.

However, the initial post of praise dovetails rather quickly into a comment about the lack of new features and pointless hollow cutscenes, something that has left Career Mode fans cold for some time.

A replying post from luukftw quickly turns to the discussion into a scathing review of Career Mode, offering a stark contrast to the initial praise provided.

Luuk posts:

I think career mode is one of the worst ones so far. There is a sharpness bug and a dynamic potential bug which makes career mode unplayable to begin with. To top that, regens are still bugged and free agents are insane which for me ruin the immersion. Definitely after a couple of seasons. And the 'great' new feature they've added is a complete mess as well which feels like a complete time waster to me. They could've use that time to actually read and listen to what fans had to say and try to just fix it to begin with.

This post appears to surmise the general feeling amongst the FIFA Career Mode community, with a clear lack of community understanding once again knee-capping what could have been a successful year for offline players.

You can read the full Reddit discussion thread here.

Murky Future

It's clear that Career Mode players will face an uncertain future, with a defined focus on Ultimate Team seeing the love and care steer away from this once-flourishing mode.

FIFA 23 Career Mode
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HOPEFUL FUTURE - EA Sports FC could make or break Career Mode

With EA Sports FC on the horizon and no real news as to what we can expect to see in this new title, Career Mode fans will have to hold tight before worrying about their beloved mode.

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