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What are FUT Moments?

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The FIFA 23 Ulitmate Team reveal has landed, bringing with it a host of brand new features to EA's flagship mode.

One of the most intriguing new features arriving in FIFA 23 is FUT Moments, and we've got you covered for everything you need to know about these new challenges below.

What are FUT Moments?

FUT Moments is the newest way to earn rewards in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team.

In FUT Moments, you’ll earn a new currency type, FUT Stars, which can be exchanged for Items and Packs in the Moments Star Gallery.

FUT Moments aim to deliver a new mode that offers a number of unique challenges, provide a shorter match experience and offer a natural skill progression.

How FUT Moments Work

You will start each Moment by selecting a Story.

Each Story is made up of Chapters, themed groups of play that contain the Moments themselves.

You’ll always start with at least one Chapter unlocked in a Story while others may be locked, requiring you to collect a specific amount of FUT Stars from the unlocked Chapters in that Story to be able to unlock it and continue.

Moments are the individual scenarios you will be playing.

Moments have one to three Challenges that you are required to perform to complete the Moment and earn the associated FUT Stars.

Every moment has a starting point in game, such as a free kick, throw-in, or in the middle of an attacking or defending scenario.

Moments have at least one Reward Level, with some having up to a maximum of three, which will offer one to three FUT Stars respectively.

You have to complete all Challenges within the completion time or you’ll have to try again.

You can replay an unlocked Moment at any time, however, you can only earn the associated FUT Stars once from any Reward Level.

Completing all Moments and all Reward Levels in a Chapter will provide you with bonus FUT Stars.

FUT Moments will be updated regularly throughout FIFA 23, with new Stories and Challenges, along with new content to unlock in the FUT Star Gallery.

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