FIFA 23 World Cup Player Items Explained



FIFA 23 Ultimate Team has been overtaken by World Cup content, with all of Season 2 set to celebrate the massive sporting event!

Introduced alongside the Path to Glory promo and World Cup Swaps system were the new World Cup Player Items.

Find out all you need to know about these key cards in FUT 23 below.

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What are World Cup Player Items?

World Cup Player Items are a new card type in celebration of the World Cup.

They have been given to players from the 32 qualified national teams, with some receiving upgraded versions.

You can use the WC Player Item cards in your Ultimate Team squad as you would any other, but they will have a slightly changed chemistry to their Base cards (more on that later).

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CRUCIAL CARDS - World Cup Player Items will play multiple roles over Season 2

One big difference with these cards is that they have an expiry date of Wednesday, 4 January, when they will be removed from FUT and all FUT clubs in FIFA 23.

The WC Player Items will be vital in Ultimate Team, as you need to use them to complete the Objectives to gain WC Swaps Tokens and they also contribute to your End of Event Rewards (see below).

Chemistry Change

World Cup Player Items have had their League and Club switched from their Base cards, with them all coming from the 'World Cup League', and their Club being switched to the player's National Team.

This means that all WC Players share the same League and you will need three of them in your starting lineup to earn one Chemistry Point.

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STRONG CHEMISTRY - All World Cup Players share the same 'League'

With the National Team taking over from the Club, two players from the same National Team will get you one Chemistry Point.

As the player's Nationality and National Team will always be the same, you only need two WC Players from the same country to get them on two Chemistry Points, with an additional WC Player from any Nation getting them to full Chemistry.

Use in World Cup Swaps

You will find that World Cup Player Items are vital for gaining World Cup Swaps Tokens, as the new World Cup Swaps Objectives where the majority of Tokens will be earned require you to field at least six WC Player Items from the same Nation.

Most of this will be done in the new Live FUT Friendly: FIFA World Cup Swaps, although some Objectives require you to play in Squad Battles of Rivals.

Take a closer look at World Cup Swaps and all the Objectives right here.

End of Event Rewards

As well as being able to use the cards in your Ultimate Team and earning Swaps Tokens with them, World Cup Player Items will help you earn better End of Event Rewards.

The more WC Player Items you amass - including duplicates - the greater prizes you will gain when the End of Event Rewards go live on Wednesday, 4 January.

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LEVEL UP - The more World Cup Players you gain, the better the rewards

You can track your progress through the 10 Reward Levels and keep an eye on how many WC Players you have earned on the new WC Tile in FUT.

Find more out about the World Cup End of Event Rewards here.

How to Gain World Cup Player Items

In FIFA 23 Ultimate Team you will earn World Cup Player Items from select Packs as rewards, as well as in some Store Packs as bonus players, in addition to the regular items that would be in those Packs.

WC Player Packs are available as Milestone Objective rewards, regular Objective rewards, through repeatable Squad Building Challenges, and also bought using Stars in the FUT Moments mode.

Additional Information

  • You cannot use World Cup Player Items in SBCs
  • You cannot buy or sell World Cup Player Items on the Transfer Market
  • World Cup Player Items will be removed from your FUT club on expiry
  • You can identify time-limited World Cup Player Items by their red colour and blue diamond clockface on the bottom right
  • Other WC player cards, such as World Cup Icons, World Cup FUT Heroes, World Cup Stars, etc. are NOT time-limited
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