FUT Season 2 - World Cup season has begun in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team

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Season 2 of FIFA 23 Ultimate Team is underway having taken over from an extended Season 1.

We already know which promos will appear during Season 2, and they will all be World Cup-related.


Find out all you need to know about Season 2 in FUT 23 below.

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Release Date

Season 2 of FIFA 23 Ultimate Team was originally scheduled to begin on Thursday, 10 November, at 4am ET / 8am GMT.

However, this was delayed to Friday, 11 November at 1pm ET / 6pm GMT following an announcement from EA on Twitter.

It will run for a shade under six weeks, ending on Thursday, 22 December, the same week the World Cup content will draw to a close.

Storyline Player Picks

Storyline Player Picks are back again, with new picks available to unlock at LVL 15 and LVL 30.


In Season 1, EA followed their trend of using MLS, Eredivisie, Liga NOS, and EFL Championship players for the picks, and this will likely continue.

However, this has changed with some major league players available at LVL 30. with an 87 OVR.

LVL 15 Players (OVR 84)

  • Mohammed Kudus
  • Cameron Carter-Vickers
  • Moussa Djitte

LVL 30 Players (OVR 87)

  • Leandro Paredes
  • Andre Silva
  • Leander Dendoncker


As usual, the seasonal rewards contain loads of packs, tifos, badges, and other consumables available to unlock in FIFA 23.

Storyline Player Picks are also joined by World Cup Swap Tokens too, so there is plenty to work towards this season.

The full rewards list in Season 2 of FUT 23 is as follows:

  • LVL 1 - 1 x Five World Cup Players Pack
  • LVL 2 - 1 x Gold Rare Chemistry Pick / Position Modifier
  • LVL 3 - 1 x Small Gold Players Pack
  • LVL 4 - 1 x Team Tifo Pick
  • LVL 5 - 1 x World Cup Swap Token
  • LVL 6 - 1 x Team Tifo Pick
  • LVL 7 - 1 x Jumbo Gold Pack
  • LVL 8 - 1 x Team Tifo Pick
  • LVL 9 - 1 x Gold Players Pack
  • LVL 10 - 1 x Stadium Background
  • LVL 11 - 1 x Team Tifo Pick
  • LVL 12 - 1 x Team Tifo Pick
  • LVL 13 - 1 x 3 80+ World Cup Players Pack
  • LVL 14 - 1 x Small Prime Gold Players Pack
  • LVL 15 - 1 x 84 OVR Storyline Player Pick
  • LVL 16 - 1 x Team Tifo Pick
  • LVL 17 - 1 x Rare Gold Pack
  • LVL 18 - 1 x World Cup Swap Token
  • LVL 19 - 1 x Team Tifo Pick
  • LVL 20 - 1 x Premium Gold Players Pack
  • LVL 21 - 1 x Team Tifo Pick
  • LVL 22 - 1 x Team Tifo Pick
  • LVL 23 - 1 x Mega Pack
  • LVL 24 - 1 x Prime Gold Players Pack
  • LVL 25 - 1 x Team Tifo Pick
  • LVL 26 - 1 x Team Tifo Pick
  • LVL 27 - 1 x Jumbo Premium Gold Players Pack
  • LVL 28 - 1 x Rare Mega Pack
  • LVL 29 - 1 x Jumbo Rare Players Pack
  • LVL 30 - 1 x 87 OVR Storyline Player Pick

Promo Events

We usually have an inkling of what promos to expect during a season, but this time we have a pretty clear timeline of what is coming our way in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team, thanks to the information provided by EA.


Predicted Promo Schedule:

  • World Cup Path to Glory - Friday, 11 November (confirmed)
  • World Cup Moments - Friday, 25 November
  • World Cup Phenoms - Friday, 2 December
  • Team of the Tournament - Friday, 9 December

Although the names of the promos aren't yet official, there have been plenty of leaks that mirror what EA has announced.

The World Cup Path to Glory will kick things off, with live items that receive progression upgrades throughout the tournament, depending on how that player's team gets on.

CARD TEASE - Just some of the new designs coming our way during the World Cup

Next up will be World Cup Moments, dropping when the knockout stages begin, and it will "celebrate the most impactful moments in the World Cup so far, celebrating key moments from qualification that captivated the world".

As the quarter-finals arrive, so will World Cup Phenoms, which is the vaguest of the promos coming, with EA saying it will "uplift the performances of some of football’s brightest stars".


Then, the Team of the Tournament will promo will come, providing us with some of the best-rated cards in the game.

Amongst all that, there will also be the World Cup Swaps system (similar to Icon Swaps we've had in the past, but with a slight twist), World Cup Player items, and also the introduction of the World Cup FUT Heroes!