FIFA 23 Reveal: First look at the new game COMING SOON

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FIFA 22 is running to the end of its cycle, with Team of the Season signalling the Ultimate Team campaign is coming to an end.

That means that FIFA 23 will be on the way soon, and it looks like we could be getting our first glimpses of the new game earlier than expected.

Find out when and where you can see the new game revealed below.

Leakers Prove Their Worth

A couple of high profile leakers on Twitter have announced that some big FIFA 23 news will be coming on Thursday, 9 June.

FIFA 23 is set to be revealed at a digital showcase on that date, which will be the first time any of us get to set our eyes on the new game.

Looking at the calendar, it seems likely that the game will be unveiled at the Summer Game Fest.

What is Summer Game Fest?

Summer Game Fest launched in 2020 and is the world's first fully digital, global celebration of video games.

Coming at a time when people were unable to attend in-person gatherings due to the COVID pandemic, it featured digital events, demos, announcements and breaking news.

In 2021 their Kickoff Live! event had over 25 million livestreams, and they are looking to draw in even more views this time around.

Where to Watch

The Summer Game Fest is free and available to watch on all the major livestream platforms - including Twitch, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook and more.

There is no registration needed, everything is fully available and free to watch on your streaming platform of choice.

FIFA 23 Release Date

With the next game edging ever closer, we could see an official announcement from EA sooner rather than later.

FIFA 22 was fully launched on Friday, 1 October 2021, so if EA follows the same trend, then Friday, 30 September 2022 could be our FIFA 23 release date.

Some will be able to access the game sooner than that via a possible Beta or Demo, then Early Access and the Web App.

This would mean early access for pre-orders from Tuesday, 27 September for those who buy the Ultimate Edition of the game.

FIFAUTeam are already reporting that Friday, 30 September 2022 will be the official release date, with confirmation of that from EA coming shortly.

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