FIFA 23: Five things we'd LOVE to see in Pro Clubs in EA's next title

FIFA 22 is winding down, and whether you're winning the league for the umpteenth time in Career Mode or enjoying the Team of the Season releases in Ultimate Team, it's time to look ahead to EA's next title, FIFA 23.

Despite not being the moneymaker that FUT is for EA, Pro Clubs is one of the most beloved game modes in FIFA and we feel it can still be improved massively.

Here are some things that we would love to see introduced to FIFA 23 Pro Clubs.

Perfect your skills

Something we've all been needing is a good way to warm up before our games, and what better way to do this than by taking part in some training drills.

Here you would be able to train set-piece moves with your team for corners, free kicks and lots of other in-game scenarios.

fifa 21 training drills
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SET PIECE SPECIALISTS - Training drills would be an awesome addition to Pro Clubs

Or you could take your teammates on in mini 2v2 matches to bring a competitive element into your training.

Skill games already exist for multiplayer, so if EA could adjust the drills a little we could have some active and fun ways to warm up before Pro Clubs league matches in FIFA 23.

In-game substitutions

In-game substitutions would mean the ability for people to be able to join a match whilst the game has already kicked off.

So often one player in a team is slightly late for the start of a game and has to sit for 15 minutes waiting for the game to be over.

pro clubs fifa 21
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TACTICIAN - The introduction of substitutions would be a welcome change in Pro Clubs

With the addition of in-game substitutions, you would be able to join the bench and spectate the game like you do when you are sent off.

The captain would then be able to sub off a CPU player and you could join the action mid-game.


This one ties in with the in-game substitutions feature but goes one step further.

All Pro Clubs players would agree that the ability to reconnect to the game after being kicked out for no reason whatsoever would be a welcome change.

The game knows that your exact Pro is still playing in the match, controlled temporarily by the CPU, so why not jump back in and take control again?

In competitive Pro Clubs, it can be so frustrating having to restart a game because one out of the 22 players lagged out.

More customisation options

Every year the FIFA community cries out for more customisation options in Pro Clubs, and every year very little seems to change.

We've also seen some crazy and innovative hairstyles in The Journey and Volta, but Pro Clubs seems to have the exact same hairstyles every single year.

fifa 21 pro clubs
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SAME OLD STYLES - Pro Clubs fans want to see FIFA 23 bring us more customisation options

Combining Volta football with Pro Clubs would allow for more clothing customisation.

EA could introduce new accessory options for Pros, such as headbands, caps and jewellery.

We now have the option to design our own kits in Clubs, which is great, but why not go even further and allow us to customise our boots? The possibilities are endless!

Dual representation

There's nothing more annoying than wanting to jump on for a few quick games of Pro Clubs with your mates, before realising you need to go through the laborious process of leaving your old club and requesting to join a new one in order to get stuck into the action.

Why can't we represent two different clubs at one time?

This feature would allow players to be part of multiple clubs at a single time, meaning you don't have to constantly leave and re-join teams when playing with different friendship groups.

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