FIFA 23 Pro Clubs AcceleRATE: How to build a Lengthy, Explosive & Controlled Virtual Pro



A brand new feature introduced in FIFA 23 is playing an important role in player builds for Pro Clubs.

AcceleRATE changes the speed trajectory of certain players, depending on a number of important factors.

Find out how to make your Virtual Pro gain the AcceleRATE archetype you desire in FIFA 23 Pro Clubs below.

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AcceleRATE Explained

Before we show you how to gain the AcceleRATE archetype you desire, we will give you a little introduction to the new feature.

AcceleRATE is available on next-gen only and is designed to show how different players get to certain speeds at various times.

It is split into three archetypes, which are classified as follows:

  • Controlled - most players in FIFA 23 will fall into the Controlled type as they accelerate uniformly in a controlled manner.
  • Explosive - these are shorter and more agile players who are able to quickly cover short distances and get ahead of their opponents, even if that means slowing down after the initial burst of acceleration.
    • These players are quicker to start but their acceleration rate slows down.
  • Lengthy - taller and stronger, these players need a bit more time to get going, but are able to catch up to anyone and even surpass them, provided they have enough distance.
    • These players start slower but will thrive over longer distances.

You can see how the various archetypes perform in-game in the clip below:

Gaining the Archetype

The AcceleRATE archetype is assigned when you enter a match, so you can't see what category your player falls under when designing them.

However, when building your Virtual Pro, you can design them to have the following attributes, allowing them to gain a different archetype.

  • Explosive
    • Agility >= 65
    • (Agility - Strength) >= 15
    • Acceleration >= 74
    • Height <= 180 cm (~ 5’11”)
  • Lengthy
    • Strength >= 65
    • (Strength - Agility) >= 14
    • Acceleration >= 55
    • Height >= 174 cm (~ 5’9”)
  • Controlled - any player that does not meet the other two requirements above

It should be noted that your attributes must be GREATER THAN the stated requirements, and cannot be EQUAL TO the numbers provided, to gain the archetype.

The AcceleRATE archetype is calculated right before the kick-off and is not impacted by attribute changes that happen once the game has started, such as Perks.

You will need to play around with a player's position, height, weight and where to spend your attribute points to change their AcceleRATE category, but as a general rule, tall and heavy players will more likely gain Lengthy, with short and light players more likely to be Explosive.

Best AcceleRATE Archetype

Although this will change for different players, play styles, and positions, it seems that Lengthy is the current meta archetype at the moment and also gives the best player builds.

expand image
LENGTHY LAD - Players with the Lengthy archetype are performing brilliantly in-game

However, if you are a winger that takes players on from a standing start, Explosive will suit that build better.

You should nearly always design physical strikers and CBs to have the Lengthy archetype.

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