FIFA 22 may be enjoying the tail end of the Team of the Season promo in Ultimate Team, but that won't stop the leaks coming for FIFA 23.

We've seen plenty of news spill out regarding licenses and Icons, but now it's the turn of FUT Heroes.

Specialised cards honouring some of the best players in the world of football, we've seen two Serie A stars have their inclusion leaked.


Prolific leakers DonkTrading and FUTSheriff have taken to Twitter to reveal some of the new FUT Heroes arriving in FIFA 23.

Both Lucio and Claudio Marchisio are leaked to join FIFA 23, with both of these cards holding fond memories for long-time Ultimate Team players.

Whilst these stats aren't confirmed, we'd be very excited to get our hands on either of these footballing greats.

Claudio Marchisio

A player remembered for some of his incredible FUT stats back in the day, the former Juventus star was also a brilliant player.

A star for Italy and in the Serie A, Marchisio is exactly the kind of well-rounded star who encapsulates the FUT Heroes promo.

With his rumoured card sitting in this high 80s, we could be seeing this Italian star return with a bang.


Another Serie A star who endeared himself to football fans through his incredible FUT card back in the day, it will be great to see this Brazilian dominator return in FIFA 23.

Promising to bring power and Samba flair to FIFA 23, we can almost guarantee that Lucio would arrive with some huge stats.

A hero in the Serie A - mainly for Inter Milan - this former FUT superstar will be a welcome return in this year's game.

FUT Heroes

FUT Heroes were new items in FIFA 22 that represent the unforgettable moments that turned the individual players into fan favourites.

The FIFA community view FUT Heroes as one level below an ICON in Ultimate Team.

FUT Heroes have unique league-specific chemistry which is tied to their specific hero moment, providing a green Club link to any player within the same league as well as the usual nation link.

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