FIFA 23 Career Mode: Premier League manager face scans SHOCK FIFA community

FIFA 23 enables you to play as one of the 350+ authentic football managers, of which 30+ have star heads (authentic face scans), in Career Mode.

Upon selecting the manager of your choice, you can customize their outfit and decide on the club they’ll be in charge of.

You have the option of continuing to build a legacy at an authentic manager’s current club, pick a different club, or even create a new club for the manager.

This new feature had fans extremely excited... until they saw some of the Premier League coaches' "authentic face scans".

The Good, The Bad & The Ugly

A video from @capruciuremus revealing the Premier League manager's face scans has gone viral on TikTok, and not for the right reasons.

Now, the likes of Steven Gerrard, Thomas Tuchel, Pep Guardiola, Jurgen Klopp, Brendan Rodgers, David Moyes and Antonio Conte are all really strong but the same cannot be said for some of the other PL coaches.

The faces of Mikel Arteta and Frank Lampard, in particular, are hilariously shocking, whilst Erik Ten Hag's isn't much better.

fifa 23 mikel arteta face scan
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SUPER MIK ARTETA - Even Gunners fans can't recognise their own boss

As expected, the comments section has blown up with fans shocked at just how bad some of these 'realistic' face scans are.

One of the top comments read: "They done arteta dirty ain’t no way".

One football fan commented: "That’s not Eric Ten Hag that’s Eric Ten Lag", whilst another wrote, "Arteta looks like mark wright".

Horror Show

A particular TikTok user was especially confused at Everton manager Frank Lampard's face scan, as he commented "How does Lampard not have 1 he’s already in fifa".

This is a good point - Lampard is already in FIFA Ultimate Team as an Icon and looks just as realistic as the next player, so, how did they get it so wrong?

fifa 23 lampard face scan
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LACKING LAMPARD - It's fair to say EA is wide of the mark with this face scan

What EA has created is essentially a caucasian male with dark hair, and the similarities with Lampard stop there.

It remains to be seen whether EA will update these face scans, following the backlash from the FIFA community.

FIFA 23 Release Date

As confirmed during the reveal trailer, FIFA 23 will be fully released on Friday, 30 September.

Some will be able to access the game sooner than that via a possible Beta or Demo, then the Web App and Early Access.

FIFA 22 Chelsea Dance
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PARTY TIME - The release of FIFA 23 isn't far away now!

Early access for pre-orders begins on Tuesday, 27 September for those who buy the Ultimate Edition of the game.

The 10-hour EA Play trial gives players a limited number of hours of gaming too and will begin at the same time as pre-order early access.

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