FIFA 23 Career Mode - Manager Objectives are BROKEN

FIFA 23 Pep Guardiola

FIFA 23 Pep Guardiola

FIFA 23 Career Mode has received mixed reviews, and this most recent development certainly will not help.

With the new features implemented into Career Mode this year failing to impress, we're sad to say that another long-term feature is once again glitching out.

Check below to find out about the latest Career Mode disaster.

Career Mode Manager Objectives

FIFA 23 Career Mode fans have been left fuming as Manager Objectives have proven to be broken once again this year.

Objectives can be found in the main menu of the Career Mode UI and they usually dictate your success rate as a manager.

Hitting certain objectives is key to keeping your job and maintaining your relationship with the board.

However, this year, fans have noticed more problems than ever with this feature.

Great Expectations

Whilst dealing with frustrating men in suits is a genuine part of football, at least it is somewhat possible to please those people with a nod and a smile.

However, that simply is not possible in FIFA 23 Career Mode, with many glitches and a number of unreasonable expectations placed in the manager objectives.

For example, a Reddit user discovered that they were asked to go 25 home games without defeat in a single season.

FIFA 23 Career Mode manager objecitves
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MAJOR FAILURE - Manager Objectives are ruining Career Mode

Whilst that may not seem completely out of the realm of possibility, it does rather fall down when you realise that said team only plays 17 home league games that season.

Little glitches like this can massively affect your enjoyment of a Career Mode save, especially when the objectives force you to change tactics...

Nonsensical Input

Another major frustration found in the Manager Objectives section of Career Mode also falls under the brand exposure bracket, with the board often requesting you sign a crucial striker when you don't need one, or requesting you sign three players from South America.

Whilst this usually wouldn't be an issue, this feature can become incredibly intrusive in your Career Mode, especially when you don't complete the task.

FIFA 23 Messi
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PURE FRUSTRATION - The face you make when your board asks for 300 clean sheets in away games

For example, in our Career Mode save we had an 87-rated Moukoko up top and were in desperate need of a defender.

Alas, at the start of the new season, the board wanted another forward and you're either left with signing one or ignoring it and potentially losing your job as your manager rating dwindles.

Major Re-Think

Manager Objectives aren't inherently bad, as they do enable you to fix certain problems with the quick promotion of a youth player, or the signing of a star from a certain country.

However, they have started to do more harm than good and they are often completely ignored by many players.

EA either need to re-think them entirely, remove them, or offer a toggle in which you can decide whether they're included or not.

Right now, they're a real mess contributing to many players quickly becoming bored of their Career Mode saves.

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