FIFA 23 Career Mode: Frustrations arise as transfers remains BROKEN

FIFA 23 Career Mode transfers

FIFA 23 Career Mode transfers

FIFA 23 has arrived to much acclaim, but it's fair to say that Career Mode fans have been left unimpressed with the new features added to their favourite mode.

Not only has manager mode seen a severe lack of TLC, the issues that have plagued this mode for some time still remain prevalent.

FIFA 23 Career Mode Transfers

The wheeling and dealing excitement of FIFA 23 Career Mode transfers get everyone off their seats, but we're sorry to say that the fun has once again been stifled.

This year, as seen in previous instalments, the transfers found in Career Mode range from confusing to downright shocking.

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ON THE DOTTED LINE - Transfers in Career Mode need serious improvement

For instance, into our fourth season in Career Mode, we've currently found Jude Bellingham at Villareal, a team not in the Champions Leauge, Pedri at Bayer Leverkusen, Camavinga as Aston Villa and Bukayo Saka at Newcastle, who have just been relegated from the Premier League.

Whilst a selection of these transfers may not be completely out of the realm of possibility, simply seeing them occur in our Career Mode saves is more than enough to ruin the immersion and take us out of the game.

Unfortunately, this isn't a new feature either, with previous games featuring the same issues and bugs that have left many fans feeling frustrated.

The sad truth is that Career Mode has been left behind, but in regard to this issue, there is a quick fix.

Learning from the Best

Football Manager can teach FIFA a lot and when it comes to transfers, there is simply no better football game out there than FM.

Football Manager's realistic and sometimes frustrating transfer system makes buying and selling a strenuous task that can reap major rewards.

The main issue with FIFA is the amount of money that is handed around Career Mode, meaning bang average teams can make signings up to £50 Million.

In real life, top-level players want to remain at the top, but this simply isn't the case in FIFA this year.

Moving forward, looking to EA Sports FC, we hope that EA can take stock and implement a new transfer system that, yes, could be more challenging, but would also be far more rewarding and lead to fewer situations like this.

Players like Pedri are likely to spend their whole careers at one club and whilst this may take away from some of the arcade-like aspects of FIFA, we still think that Manager Mode should be all about authenticity, something it severely lacks in FIFA 23.

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