FIFA 23 Career Mode - How to sign ANY player for £50

FIFA 23 Pedri Career Mode

FIFA 23 Pedri Career Mode

FIFA 23 Career Mode has received a lot of mixed reviews, but one glitch could be about to save those fans that don't want to slog through the effort of tough negotiations.

Check below for an insane hack that lets you sign any player for £50 - or a fraction of their asking price.

FIFA 23 Career Mode HACK

FIFA 23 Career Mode is full of glitches and errors, but this one could actually benefit players.

We've seen this hack knocking around for some time and we thought we should actually try it out and - we can confirm - it 100% works.

Here's how to sign any player for £50 in FIFA 23:

FIFA 23 Pedri Career Mode
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MAJOR MOVES - This transfer hack has endless possibilities

Firstly, you'll need to save your game in order to make sure you can go back if the glitch doesn't work the first time around.

Step one is to select your target and enter into negotiations.

Your first offer needs to be £1, plus a player within your club in a swap deal with a valuation of less than £1 Million.

When that is rejected, go back in with a £2 offer, plus a different player in a swap deal with a valuation of less than £1 Million.

FIFA 23 Transfer Deal Career Mode
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MAJOR DEALS - You can create all kinds of crazy transfer deals

The club will then go away and ask for time to think.

If the glitch has worked, you should then receive a counter-offer of £50 or a counter-offer at a fraction of the player's price.

Note: it doesn't work every time, but this just means you need to quit and start the process again.

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