FIFA 23 Player Career Mode - Fans FUME as basic features remain BROKEN

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FIFA 23 Player Career Mode

FIFA 23 Career Mode has come in for much criticism in recent weeks, with basic errors and a lack of new features really starting to show.

Just a few months removed from the launch of the game, Career Mode fans are already fuming with the lack of care and attention shown to the mode.

One such glimmer of hope was Player Career, with EA showcasing a desire to improve the mode in FIFA 23.

However, as could have been predicted, the features have fallen flat and basic errors continue to provide endless frustration.

Broken Player Career Mode

A post on Reddit from u/Ok-Butterscotch-2719 has perfectly surmised the feelings of the Career Mode community, with his scathing review of player career resonating with many.

FIFA 23 Player Career Mode
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NEW START - Player Career Mode has NOT impressed this year

Here is a selection of the glitches he mentions:

  • Unrealistic scorelines: Matches have too many goals, it’s simply not realistic to have that happen in every game. I would say the average match for me has a 5-3 scoreline.
  • Ridiculous objectives: the objective given to my player by the manager is usually to have a 8.5 or 9.0 grade at the end of the game. This is simply too high to be achieved every match, and it’s always the objective that is worth the most points. I had matches in which I scored a hat trick but still lost 5 points in the manager’s rating because my grade hadn’t been high enough.
  • Injury bug: if your player gets injured, his rating with the manager will keep dropping because you are not able to play in matches. When you come back, you won’t be part of the starting team anymore. If you are injured for months, that means your rating will get so low the manager will try to sell you to another team.
  • Player too valuable bug: if the market value of your player is too high, no team will be able to pay for your transfer and you will be forced to continue in the same club. If you want a transfer, you will have to remove experience points to lower your overall and perform badly in matches, which shouldn’t be necessary.

Unfortunately, many of these glitches mentioned above have been prevalent in player career for some time and their continual appearance in the FIFA franchise has left a bitter taste in their mouth.

Disgruntled Community

The FIFA 23 Career Mode community has been disgruntled since the start, in fact, every FIFA community has been.


Whilst all have a genuine right to be frustrated, it would appear that Career Mode fans have the most grounds for grievance.

Recently added features haven't improved the mode at all, in fact we'd argue it's made it even worse.

This latest post is not taken in isolation, and EA will have to turn the oil tanker around when EA Sports FC is released in 2023.

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