FIFA 22 Ultimate Team: Specialised stats would revive Team of the Week

There are three certainties in life: death, taxes and Team of the Week releasing on a Wednesday evening in FIFA 22.

The weekly event provides a statistical boost to the weekend's best performers, rewarding stars for turning in top performances for their clubs.

However, as FIFA 22 delves deeper into its season - and EA continues to search for ways to provide varied and exciting content to Ultimate Team - we want to take a look at a simple concept that could completely revive Team of the Week.

Tested Formula

As we've said, Team of the Week has been a constant for many years, but members of the FIFA community are starting to grow tired of the tried and tested formula.

In reality, the boosts provided to some players don't exactly justify the extra cost, with a +1 overall rating hardly whetting the appetite.

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A FAMILIAR FACE - Team of the Week is in need of a refresh

With that in mind, some have suggested a new concept that could be introduced in FIFA 23, where TOTW cards receive specialised boosts that are totally unique to that player.

For example, if Harry Maguire magically channelled his inner Lionel Messi and danced through five players before slotting into the bottom corner during a big match, EA could release a TOTW card that sees Maguire given 5 star skills and a massive boost in agility/dribbling.

A Beneficial Change

Change is good, and we'd argue that change is even more vital when fans are starting to tire of TOTW - especially with so many top promos being released in FIFA 22.

This change would allow TOTW cards to feel individualised and more sought after, as well as add to the fun and excitement of building your team.

Rather than offering a sweeping boost of all stats, focussing on one particular part of a card - dependant on player performance - could majorly improve the TOTW concept and lead to a massive surge in interest for this weekly event in the FIFA 22 calendar.

A few weeks ago, Cameron Branngan scored four penalties in one game and rightfully received a TOTW card. However, when that card arrived, it only possessed a penalty stat of 60, something that feels ridiculous given the context behind his TOTW boost.

This concept would see examples like Brannagan receive a 90 rating for penalties, a major boost that would make his TOTW card all the more rare and sought after.

Of course, not every card can receive a major boost, but the inclusion of 3-5 special cards could see more movement on the FIFA transfer market, and lead to people turning to packs in order to secure their chosen card.

A Balancing Act

The main argument against this concept is the fear that certain cards could become overpowered and tarnish the overall gaming experience.

EA's biggest challenge would be to ensure that specialised TOTW cards aren't given ridiculous boosts across the board, rather focussing on specific stats and making only incremental adjustments elsewhere.

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SPECIALISED BOOSTS - Improving certain stats would make cards more unique and sought after

With FIFA 22 showing us that new and exciting promo concepts are only the start for Ultimate Team, we'd like to see this concept implemented to make sure that the old faithful Team of the Week isn't left behind.

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