FIFA 22: EA simply MUST add Collectors items into Ultimate Team

Fans of the popular FIFA 22 mode, Ultimate Team, have been crying out for a Collections element to be added into their favourite game mode for years now.

The addition of some sort of collectable cards would add fun, grindable content back into the game.

Collectable items will also allow each player to build their own 'Ultimate Team' by adding in more unique items.

FUT Heroes Collections Concept

TCFboost on Twitter has suggested the use of FUT Heroes as collector's items in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team.

How will it work?

Every club from the top five leagues will receive a brand new Hero card, that will be rated at the lower end of the FUT Hero spectrum - possibly from 84 OVR - 86 OVR.

These cards will only be obtainable through objectives - all objectives will be made completed across any game mode within FUT (including friendlies) and will vary for each club and in difficulty depending on the unlockable Hero.

These lower-rated Heroes will be untradeable and you will be unable to submit them into any SBCs, although you can play with them in your Ultimate Team, of course!

Like a lot of other SBCs, there will be a pack reward for completing every objective within its respective group - some tradeable, some untradeable.

fifa 22 collections ultimate team concept
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COOL CONCEPT - We'd LOVE to see EA implement something like this

Once you complete an objective to unlock the lower-rated Hero, you will add them to your collection.

Once added, you will start to gain progress towards the higher-rated FUT Hero that you are after - this will be a Hero rated between 87 OVR and 90 OVR.

All the cards that you add to your collections will still be useable in your FUT squad and in game.

Collecting a certain number of the lower-rated FUT Heroes will reward you with the higher-rated Hero pick.

This allows players to take their favourite Heroes from the collection and continue using them throughout the FUT cycle.

You will then have the choice to submit whichever high-rated FUT Hero you pick into an SBc or use them in your squad.

Other FUT collections concepts

The example we have explained is using FUT Heroes, however, the concept could be made a reality with any player items.

For example, collections could be built up with SBC cards from each league.

So, you could submit any player from a certain league into your collection and once you've built up enough cards, a super boosted player pick from that league will be made available.

fifa 21 icon swaps
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COMING SOON - Icon Swaps will arrive in FUT 22 very soon

The collections concept could even stretch to Icons.

Players could add base or mid Icons to a collection in order to eventually unlock the prime versions.

So, with so many possibilities, we think EA simply has to add something like this to the game!

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