FIFA 22 Season 7 COUNTDOWN: Release Date, Time, Rewards & more

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It's time for another new season in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team, with Season 7 bringing plenty of new content to FUT 22.

The current FUT promo, Team of the Season, will continue and be the first promo event of the new season, which will be followed by some more bumper releases in the FUT calendar!

Keep track of the latest Season 7 news and updates right here as we count down to its release.

Season 7 Rewards

Check out the full list of Season 7 Rewards, with 100,000 XP needed to reach the final level.

  • LVL 1 - 1 x 75 Rated Rare Player
  • LVL 2 - 500 coin boost for 5 matches
  • LVL 3 - 1 x Premium Gold Pack
  • LVL 4 - Stadium Theme Pick
  • LVL 5 - 1 x 75 Rated Rare Player
  • LVL 6 - Background Tifo Pick
  • LVL 7 - 1 x Jumbo Gold 26 Pack
  • LVL 8 - Tifo Pick
  • LVL 9 - 1 x Gold Players Pack
  • LVL 10 - 1 x Epic Ball
  • LVL 11 - Badge Pick
  • LVL 12 - Stadium Theme Pick
  • LVL 13 - 1 x Small Prime Gold Players Pack
  • LVL 14 - 1 x Small Prime Gold Players Pack
  • LVL 15 - Storyline Player Pick (88 OVR)
  • LVL 16 - Background Tifo Pick
  • LVL 17 - 1 x Draft Token Pack
  • LVL 18 - 1 x Rare Gold Pack
  • LVL 19 - Tifo Pick
  • LVL 20 - Badge Pick
  • LVL 21 - 1 x Rare Electrum Players Pack
  • LVL 22 - Stadium Theme Pick
  • LVL 23 - 1 x Mega Pack
  • LVL 24 - Background Tifo Pick
  • LVL 25 - 1 x Epic Kit
  • LVL 26 - Tifo Pick
  • LVL 27 - 1 x Prime Players Pack Pick (Premier League/Bundesliga/Serie A)
  • LVL 28 - Epic Badge Pick
  • LVL 29 - 1 x Epic Vanity Item
  • LVL 30 - Storyline Player Pick (OVR 91)

Release Date

The official start date of Season 7 is Thursday, 9 June bringing an end to Season 6, which has been dominated by Team of the Season content!

The changing of seasons will occur at 3am ET / 8am BST

EA Play members will receive an XP boost at the start of the season, helping to ease through those early levels.

Storyline Player Picks

This season, each of the LVL 15 picks boast an 88 OVR, not bad for very little effort!

The players on offer are as follows:

  • Bryan Linssen (Feyenoord/Netherlands)
  • Kieran Gibbs (Inter Miami/England)
  • Ivan Rossi (Maritimo/Argentina)

At LVL 30, three 91-rated stars are available, and with some favourable nationality links, these could be a great fit for your clubs.

The LVL 30 players are:

  • Arianit Ferati (Fortuna Sittard/Germany)
  • Anthony Knockaert (Fulham/France)
  • Maracas (Pacos Ferreira/Brazil)

Division Rivals Milestone Rewards

New to FIFA 22 is the Season Milestones Division Rivals rewards. Much like weekly rivals rewards, you will receive your prize once Season 6 has finished, the better your rank in rivals, the better the reward.

Whatever results you've been getting, win, lose or draw, you will have been making progress towards your Seasonal Rewards.

FIFA 22 Griezmann Dance Celebration
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IT'S PARTY TIME - Rewards are on the way!

Division 6 rewards will become available at the same time Season 7 kicks off, so at 3am ET / 8am GMT on Thursday, 9 June.

Find out loads more about Milestone rewards here.

Rivals Reward Change Incoming

Currently, if you hit the Elite Division in FIFA 22, one of the rewards you gain is a 1 of 5 player pick, comprising of anyone from the Team of the Week 33 squad up to the most recent release, TOTW 36.

With the TOTW releases now ending, this will need to change, and Team of the Season cards are set to enter the player pool.

As communicated by EA:

[S]tarting from Season 7, the Elite Division Player Pick reward pool will switch to a TOTW/TOTS Player Pick consisting of all TOTW and Team of the Season (TOTS) items rated 83 OVR or higher that have been released as of the Season 7 start date.

Not only are TOTS cards going to be appearing in the picks, but also all the best TOTW cards from the season!

For the remainder of Season 6, the reward will stay as a 1 of 5 player pick from TOTW 33 through to 36, meaning a 92 OVR Raheem Sterling, 94 OVR Kevin De Bruyne, 89 OVR Theo Hernandez and 92 OVR Heung min Son are still up for grabs.

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