FIFA 22: What are Milestone Division Rival rewards & when will they be released?

Season 2 of FIFA 22 Ultimate Team is set to begin very soon, which will have a BIG impact on your FUT progression!

To mark the end of the first Season and the start of Season 2, players will receive the all-new Milestone Rewards from Division Rivals.

So, take a look at what you can expect from the Milestone rewards below.

What are Division Rivals Milestone rewards?

Of course, we all know about how Division Rivals weekly rewards work, but what about the Milestone rewards?

The Season Milestones are new to FIFA 22 and are a way to earn additional rewards in Division Rivals just by playing Rivals matches.

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IT'S PARTY TIME - Rewards are on the way!

Regardless of whether you win, lose or draw, you'll make progress towards your Seasonal Rewards.

Players can earn up to three Milestone Rewards per Division, based on the Division they finish in.

The Season 1 Divison Rival rewards will vary depending on which division you are in and also how many games you've played.

Check out the Milestone rewards for the Elite Division below.

Elite Division Milestone Rewards:

20 matches played:

  • Prime Gold Players Pack

50 matches played

  • Prime Electrum Players Pack
  • Rare Mega Pack

90 matches played:

  • Rare Mega Pack
  • Jumbo Rare Players Pack
  • Jumbo Rare Players Pack

Find out the Milestone rewards for every single Division here.

When will Milestone rewards come out?

Milestone rewards should be released at the same time as the start of Season 2.

The official start date of Season 2 will be on Thursday, 11 November, ending what has been a long first season in FUT 22 if you enjoyed early access way back in September.

The changing of seasons will arrive at a new time from last year though, with Season 2 set to commence at 4am ET / 8am GMT.

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