FIFA 22 Season 6: New FUT season finally arrives with EPIC Storyline Picks

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Season 6 is now underway in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team after a slight delay.

The new season will also see the introduction of the annual Team of the Season (TOTS) promo, as well as the Icon Swaps 3 campaign.

EA has continued their trend of minor league players being included in the Storyline Player picks, and there are some quality players to choose from!

Release Date

The official start date of Season 6 was due to be Thursday, 28 April, bringing an end to Season 5 which has brought us so much excellent content.

The changing of seasons was supposed to arrive at 4am ET / 8am BST.

After a slight delay, Season 6 is now live in-game, with loads of rewards to claim.

EA Play members will receive an XP boost at the start of the season, helping you ease through those early levels.

Storyline cards REVEALED

The Season 6 Storyline cards were revealed after they were added to the FUT 22 database, meaning they could be viewed as concept players.

The following players will be available to unlock at Level 15:

  • Kai Wagner (OVR 86)
  • Pol Llonch (OVR 86)
  • Murilo (OVR 86

The following players will be available to unlock at Level 30:

  • Gary Cahill (OVR 89)
  • Joao Mario (OVR 89)
  • Yann Gboho (OVR 89)

All the Level 30 cards look very overpowered, but Gary Cahill is the pick of the bunch.

EA has handed the former England international a +55 pace boost to take him all the way up to 87 Pace!


Check out the full list of Season 6 rewards available now:

  • LVL 1 - 1 x 75 Rated Rare Player
  • LVL 2 - 500 coin boost for 5 matches
  • LVL 3 - 1 x Premium Gold Pack
  • LVL 4 - Stadium Theme Pick
  • LVL 5 - 1 x 75 Rated Rare Player
  • LVL 6 - Background Tifo Pick
  • LVL 7 - 1 x Jumbo Gold 26 Pack
  • LVL 8 - Tifo Pick
  • LVL 9 - 1 x Gold Players Pack
  • LVL 10 - 1 x Epic Ball
  • LVL 11 - Badge Pick
  • LVL 12 - Stadium Theme Pick
  • LVL 13 - 1 x Small Prime Gold Players Pack
  • LVL 14 - 1 x Small Prime Gold Players Pack
  • LVL 15 - Storyline Player Pick
  • LVL 16 - Background Tifo Pick
  • LVL 17 - 1 x Draft Token Pack
  • LVL 18 - 1 x Rare Gold Pack
  • LVL 19 - Tifo Pick
  • LVL 20 - Badge Pick
  • LVL 21 - 1 x Rare Electrum Players Pack
  • LVL 22 - Stadium Theme Pick
  • LVL 23 - 1 x Mega Pack
  • LVL 24 - Background Tifo Pick
  • LVL 25 - 1 x Epic Kit
  • LVL 26 - Tifo Pick
  • LVL 27 - 1 x Prime Players Pack Pick (La Liga/Bundesliga/Ligue 1)
  • LVL 28 - Epic Badge Pick
  • LVL 29 - 1 x Sequoia Lounge VIP Area
  • LVL 30 - Storyline Player Pick

Promo events

We have seen some of EA’s classic promo events recently, and we are currently getting set for the most hotly anticipated promotional event on the FUT calendar, the Team of the Season (TOTS) promo.

The TOTS Warmup Series is already underway, bringing us plenty of cheap packs and player picks ahead of the full campaign.

FIFA 22 Ultimate Team's Team of the Season (TOTS) promo will begin on Friday, 29 April.

The TOTS campaign will kick off with the Community squad, as voted for by you, the fans.

Other promos that could return in Season 6 are the Festival of Football promo and potentially even FUTTIES or Player Days.

Icon Swaps 3

FUT Season 6 also coincides with Icon Swaps 3, which is set to kick off in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team on Monday, 25 April.

The new set of objectives and tokens will be released at the usual time of 1pm ET / 6pm BST.

We don't have an official end date just yet, but the first set of tokens is likely to be available for four weeks.

You can find out loads more details about the Icon Swaps 3 objectives and rewards right here.

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