This feature would make Pro Clubs in FIFA 22 amazing

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FIFA 21 has plenty left to offer, with the Team of the Season (TOTS) promo still going strong.

However, it's time we look towards EA's next title, and the popular game mode - Pro Clubs!

So, read on to find out the feature which would take Pro Clubs in FIFA 22 back to its best.


Give us what we want

FIFA fans have been crying out for a major Pro Clubs update for years now, as we see our beloved game mode constantly neglected by EA.

EA simply has to add in-game substitutions and the option to reconnect to a game after being kicked out to FIFA 22 Pro Clubs in order to improve the game mode.

In-Game Substitutions

In-game substitutions would mean the ability for people to be able to join a match whilst the game has already kicked off.

pro clubs fifa 21
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TACTICIAN: The introduction of substitutions would be a welcome change in Pro Clubs

So often one player in a team is slightly late for the start of a game and has to sit for 15 minutes waiting for the game to be over.


With the addition of in-game subs, you would be able to join the bench and spectate the game like you do when you are sent off.

Being able to spectate the game live, like you do when you are sent off, would also be much more entertaining than just reading the feed of match action news.

The captain would then have the option to hit pause, sub off a CPU player and select the Pro on the bench - you could then join the action mid-game.


All Pro Clubs players would agree that the ability to reconnect to the game after being kicked out would be a welcome change.

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POPULAR PRO CLUBS: The game mode is consistently one of the most popular in FIFA

A lot of the time players are disconnected from Pro Clubs matches for no reason whatsoever!


The game knows that your exact Pro is still playing in the match, controlled temporarily by the CPU, so why not jump back in and take control again?

This feature would also massively benefit competitive Pro Clubs, as it can be incredibly frustrating having to restart a game because one out of the 22 players lagged out.

Moreover, in a full competitive game, where there are 22 Pro Clubs players on the field, there is a pretty high chance of one being kicked.

For all the information you need to know about Pro Clubs in FIFA 22, click here!

What we do know

An Online Career Mode could be coming to FIFA 22!

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EA has dropped a massive FIFA 22 Online Career Mode hint by mentioning it in a job advert on their website.

fifa 22 online career mode ea job description
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READ BETWEEN THE LINES: EA is after an online software engineer, perhaps to develop FIFA 22's online career mode?

The job description states "Whether that be in our online career mode, ultimate team, or core online systems and protocols. We are looking for engineers who enjoy prototyping and planning, adding amazing new features to an existing and beloved game, and improving existing code."

In addition, in the job responsibilities, it takes that this particular role will 'develop technical solutions for online game features'.

The language used within this description seems to suggest that EA are planning an Online Career Mode at some stage, whether that is for FIFA 22, FIFA 23 or even further down the line.