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FIFA 22 Pro Clubs: Best meta striker build to get MAXIMUM pace

If you find yourself leading the line in FIFA 22 Pro Clubs goals will be expected of you.

To make sure you can take all the chances that come your way you need to focus on your player build.

We take a look at the best build for a striker, including height, weight, and what attributes you should look to increase below.

Size is key

For a meta player, the key when designing your Virtual Pro will be pace.

Everyone will be looking to make their player as quick as they can be, so finding that slight edge to get that extra yard of pace will be vital.

With that in mind, the height of your Pro should be between 5'3" and 5'4" and the weight between 99lbs and 119lbs.

If you exceed the maximum on either of those then you won't be able to reach the maximum pace.

Your attributes won't change within those boundaries, so we advise using 5'4" and 119lbs, as that little extra height and weight could help you out in duels with other tiny players.

Although we advise that, it also comes down to personal preference.

As you can see in the above build, they opt for the lowest height and weight possible, yet the base attributes will still be the same.

You can also make a very effective tall striker, that could catch teams out defensively as it is rather unexpected.

If you fancy giving that a go then check out the build in the video below.

Attacking Attributes

As we've already mentioned, pace is key, so this will be the first place you start improving on your pro.

You don't need to max this out straight away, but eventually, that will be your goal.

FIFA 22 Pro Clubs Pace Tree
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+ 2
QUICK START - Being fast will give you space to work some magic

The next place to improve will depend on how you feel your Virtual Pro is performing but will either involve upgrading dribbling or shooting attributes.

Your player should already be decently agile, but using skill points on this and balance will make them feel great to play with, and improve your ability to weave past defenders.

If you are a skill merchant then this tree also grants additional stars to skill moves, so could be the direction you take.

Being small and light does have the negative impact of lower shot power, so this will be an area to look at.

FIFA 22 Pro Clubs Shooting Tree
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+ 2
PLACEMENT OVER POWER - Your little pro needs to hit the gym if you plan on blasting them in

Annoyingly, you can't focus solely on shot power, and you will end up using points increasing FK accuracy and penalties to improve it as much as you can.

In the shooting skill tree, you will also be able to add extra stars to your weak foot, which will come in very useful when needing to get a quick shot off.

If you find yourself with any additional skill points left over, look to use them in areas that will improve your stamina, you can always reassign them at a late date.

Attacking Archetypes

The archetypes you are aiming for should be apparent from where we are using points on the skill tree. They are:

  • Cheetah
  • Finisher
  • Maestro
  • Lynx

Being a striker the Finisher archetype may be the best to aim for, but again, this comes down to personal preference.

Perfect Perks

You will earn more Perks as you increase in level, with all 26 being unlocked once you get to level 25.

Of the 26 you can only assign three to your Virtual Pro, one as soon as you start, the second when you reach level nine, and the third at level 19.

The best Perks to assign to your striker build are:

  • Distance Shooter (level 2) - Obviously grants better long shots, but also gives Finesse Shot, Outside Foot Shot and 5-star weak foot ability
  • Active First Touch (level 5) - Better ball control, acceleration and sprint speed
  • One Time Shot (level 6) - Gives Finesse Shot, Flair, Outside Foot Shot, Power Header and increases weak foot ability
  • Skilled Dribbler (level 9) - Increases dribbling and skill moves, and gives Flair trait
  • Tireless Runner (level 23) - Grants Second Wind and Solid Player traits

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